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November 21, 2019 00:30

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Lumis : Latest #domain newsletter features million dollar names

Popular domain brokerage, Lumis, released their latest newsletter featuring domain names for all budgets. Quality domains can cost seven figures, however, as is the case for, one of the lot that is currently brokering. The Michalec Brothers are definitely picking quality domains for their newsletters! Here’s the list: – Inquiries only […]

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#Evergreen : Latest newsletter shares list of premium brokered #domains posted the latest issue of its domain-focused newsletter, covering the active brokerage of several premium, high value domain names. Topping the lot is, which is being brokered for a minimum of $5 million dollars. Indeed, it’s a great domain name. Other domains include the following: for $825k – reduced price for […]

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I took Uniregistry’s brokers for a spin and I’m pretty impressed

I’ve been using landing pages for some time now. One of the first things I made sure of was that the inbound inquiries went right to me. Over time I’ve realized that I actually don’t really have the time to field or follow up with these inbound offers, I’m just too busy. Now this […]

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#Domain Edit dot .com was sold for $140,000 dollars by #Sedo broker

Sedo broker, Frank Tillmanns announced the sale of the premium, aged domain for $140,000 dollars earlier today. The sales price surpassed an $120,000 dollar bid it had received during the latest GreatDomains auction. Along with that sale, Tillmanns announced the sale of the three letter .com domain, for 35,000 EUR (almost $43,000 dollars.) […]

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Boom! Media Options brokers the sale of back to its original owner – Elon Musk

It’s not ever day that a one letter .COM sells period, and it’s almost never that the previous owner is the buyer (in fact this might be the first time it has happened). Couple this with the fact that that original owner is Elon Musk and it’s fair to say the sale of which was […]

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Going rogue : Interview with a “Black Ops” domain broker

Domain investing can be a cutthroat business, and many domain brokers operate in questionable ways to benefit their clients. Acquiring domain names “under the radar” is one thing; getting a domain owner to sell a domain at a bargain price requires particular skills. We interviewed a “black ops” domain broker, who ensures his buyers pay […]

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Should domain brokers disclose renewal fees to buyers?

In case you missed it, last week two well-known folks from the domain industry, Andrew Rosner (Media Options) and Ryan Colby (Outcome Brokerage) had a disagreement, that went public on NamePros last week. The thread seems to have been taken down, but here’s a quick recap of what happened: Andrew bought a domain name for $5,000 from Ryan, […]

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Brannan’s : Latest domain mega-sale is all about .me

Domain brokerage outfit, Brannan’s, is having a grand domain sale, and it’s all about .me domains. Used by many companies and individuals alike, the Montenegro ccTLD domains are recognized both as brands and as “Generic Country Code Top Level Domains” by Google. Domain broker David Clements, Brannan’s founder, is currently seeking buyers for such .me […]

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We received some very exciting news from Uniregistry, announcing the immediate merger of its brokerage team with, to form Brokerage. Brokerage, which boasts 36 Brokers, speak over 14 languages, and has eclipsed over $200,000,000 in domain sales, has transitioned to become Brokerage. The brokerage team will operate alongside the Uniregistry […]

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Brannan’s : Latest list contains over 100 .com domains for sale

Brannan’s, the domain brokerage outfit of broker David Clements, has just published a list of more than 100 .com domains at discounted prices. The terms of the current sale special involve getting a minimum of two domains, for $600 each, using Quick sales are encouraged and preferred, and sales are on a first come […]

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