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January 18, 2018 02:06

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NameJet July sales led by

NameJet released their July sales and was the top sale at $55,200. was number two at $42,800. always a popular category, took 4 out of the top 10. was the top selling numeric at $42,022. $55,200.00 $42,800.00 $42,022.00 $25,000.00 $22,322.00 $20,100.00 $20,000.00 $18,100.00 […]

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My thoughts on people bidding on their own NameJet auctions

As most of you probably know by now, I try to stay away from blogging about controversies in the domain name world. That being said, it’s hard for me to stay out of this one so I thought I would share my thoughts, and keep it short and sweet since in my humble opinion this […]

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Sedo : GreatDomains June auction is now live

Sponsored by Sedo* The GreatDomains June auction by Sedo is now live, with a nice lineup of domain keywords, generics and short domain names. There are 62 domain names total on that list, and too many good ones to choose from. Still, our selection of 10 domains from the June GreatDomains auction reflects our personal […]

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.Club auction started at eName with 62 domains including

The eName platform launched its first and the largest .CLUB auction yet. The auction started today and ends in 1 week. A total of 62 names are in the auction, comprised of 32 names from the registry and 30 names from other sellers. These 30 domains were selected by eName. The eName auction has scattered […]

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Rare sighting: 2 expired 3L.coms on GoDaddy auctions

With 8 and 9 days left on their auctions respectively, the domain names and are expiring on GoDaddy auctions. You can view the auctions by clicking their name above, GTJ is currently at $32,888 and is currently at $31,333. – registered since 2000, been under privacy for years and parked at […]

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Bidding war for former popular tor service

On Saturday there was a bidding war for a domain that many might have wondered, “What’s all the fuss?” The auction was for, the auction closed at $4,952. Bidders 11 and 12 battled it out from $1,623 to the close. Eventually bidder 11 won the auction. Bidder 11 looks to just have had a […]

Read more and Domaining Europe auction ends today

The and Domaining Europe 2017  domain name auction ends in a few hours. The auction has been running since the 5th of May. Here are a few of the domains that had their reserve met and will sell today: $6,899 $1,289 $250 How can you participate? Create an account here Fill […]

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.NYC and GreatDomains auctions end this week

Auctions on SnapNames and Sedo conclude later this week. Two online domain name auctions end this week. On Thursday, .NYC’s tech-themed auction ends on SnapNames. None of the 26 domains in the auction have bids yet, but I expect lots of activity to take place this week. The last time .NYC held an auction on […]

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Odd GoDaddy auction activity, might be tied to new appraisal valuations

So GoDaddy revamped their appraisal tool and now when someone is bidding at GoDaddy auctions they see where GoDaddy is valuing the name. Elliot Silver wrote a couple articles on the topic. On Twitter and as a sidenote in the Daily Sales Recap on I expressed my doubts about this. @DInvesting @godaddyauctions I think […]

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Update on Domaining Europe auction

Domaining Europe has provided an update with regards to their online auction. Already, more than $100,000 in bids have been submitted. is getting a lot of attention and is currently at $27,000. Domaining Europe takes place in Berlin from May 14 – May 16. Full Release: “Domaining Europe” Auction has Something for Everyone Amsterdam, […]

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