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April 20, 2018 10:33

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Wasnt .com : #Domain name sold at #Sedo for low four figures

What’s the point of documenting the sale of a domain name that wasn’t a .com, you might ask. But wait, that’s not what this article is all about. In this case, a Sedo auction featuring the domain name ended with a winner yesterday. Registered all the way back in 1999, the single word .com […]

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Fake or natural ones? Which #domain name is more valuable?

When it comes down to fake versus natural ones, there is no consensus among men. Some prefer the beauty of natural breasts regardless of size, others seem to be infatuated with the symmetry and voluminous perfection of fake boobs. Women that tend to have breast augmentation or reduction surgeries to change their natural look, do […]

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Full Moon and ~40 Country Flag Emoji Domains Expire Next Week

☘ Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ☘ It’s been quiet on the emoji domain front since reporting nearly 6-7K emoji domain expirations over the last month or so. Although the wave of emoji domains expiring in auction has somewhat died down, this week brings 123 emoji domains nearing auction end. There are 39 country flag emoji […]

Read more closes at $10,600 closed at $10,600 and commenter Ariful came within $600 of an exact guess. ariful says March 1, 2018 at 1:31 am (Edit) $10,000 They win $25 and St.Jude Hospital will also receive $25. I thought the name might go higher, at one point the name was over $20,000 but GoDaddy must have seen some […]

Read more is officially a done deal at $1.2 million, becoming the highest sale in NameJet history

NameJet released their February sales including NamesCon results. becomes the largest sale in the history of NameJet at $1.2 million. came in second at $900,000 and was third at $69,000. Adam Strong looks to be the buyer of $1,200,000.00 NamesCon Live & Online Auction $900,000.00 NamesCon Live & […]

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Where will it close? Win cash for you and charity

You follow all kinds of domain names and then there are some that are on topics you have a great interest in. One of those just came on to GoDaddy auctions Monday for me, The plural would be better but still a great name. For those who don’t know what binary options are: A […]

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#Samoa to be underwater in 2099 but its .WS #domains are safe

Samoa, the Pacific Island that uses the .WS ccTLD for its domains, faces an uncertain future. At the rate that global temperatures are rising, polar ice will be increasing the water levels, potentially covering most of the Pacific islands. By 2099, the world will be facing a lot of migration to higher ground, and even […]

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🌊 Tidal Wave of Emoji Domains to Expire Next Week

Things are going to get quite interesting for emoji domains heading into next week, specifically expiring auctions. I’ve been keeping close watch and tabs on emoji domains in general, paying close attention to the number that are expiring on a weekly basis. This upcoming week is far by the largest wave of expiring emoji domains […]

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Monte Cahn “ is a done deal” was the big sale at NamesCon’s live auction last night. Some expressed doubts if the domain sale would close. We did a poll on Twitter with not many votes but the majority voted no it would not go through. Will the sale of go through? #Namescon2018 — The Domains (@thedomains) January 31, 2018 […]

Read more sells for $900,000 to lead NamesCon auction

There were 135 lots in the live auction and 82 sold. The top sale was at $900,000. The reserve was higher but looks like it was lowered and an online bidder won the auction. was sold at $100,000. sold for $75,000 owned by Monte, Mike tweeted out that Monte said it did […]

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