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October 16, 2018 02:17

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NameJet adjusting incremental bid amounts on pending delete names

NameJet sent out an email that they will be changing the incremental bid amounts on pending delete auctions.   Incremental Bid Announcement For Pending Delete Names Dear NameJet Customer, We are writing to announce a new opportunity for you to compete for the Pending Delete names you want on NameJet. Effective, October 17th, 2018, we […]

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#TopToken .com : Cryptocurrency #domain auction jumps in final minutes at #DropCatch

Many public auctions at DropCatch get really busy in the final minutes, as in the case of . The seemingly cryptocurrency-related domain name auction attracted several bidders, and intense bidding that extended the auction in 5 minute increments for several hours. Eventually, the auction ended and the domain was sold for $3,852 dollars. A […]

Read more now offers Pre-Release domain auctions has started offering Pre-Release domain name auctions. All domain auctions will start at $10.00 USD and include the first year registration. A Pre-Release domain is a domain that has expired at the registrar and is being offered in auction BEFORE dropping. This offers you the opportunity to acquire the domain name before it […]

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L.A. based Marijuana magazine lets domain expire sells for $10,500

The 420 Times allowed it’s domain to expire and it closed at $10,500 on GoDaddy auctions on Tuesday. From the Huffington Post, THE 420 TIMES is a Los Angeles homegrown medical marijuana and natural healing magazine, distributed throughout Southern California. The 420 Times covers activism, advocacy and legal issues, cultivation, medical research, as well as […]

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How much will sell for?

Today I randomly noticed a press release from Hilco Streambank announcing the listing of for sale. My first thought was probably the same as yours – doesn’t Microsoft own that one? My second thought might have also been the same…doesn’t Microsoft have a Trademark on the word Excel? Well it turns out that no, […]

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No waiting til the end of this auction

Usually the action gets hot toward the end of an auction, most don’t want to show their hand early. That’s not the case for which hit GoDaddy auctions last night. The name is already at $30,000. Bid Date Bid Expires Bidder Bid Amount 2018/09/15 06:31 PM (PDT) 2018/09/26 11:29 AM (PDT) Bidder 9 $30 000 […]

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MMX is running a New gTLD domain hack auction

MMX is running a domain hack auction that will overlap with the MERGE conference. Some domains, like e.g., I would personally not categorize as hacks. The 7-day public auctions are on Namejet. There are the 14 domains in the auction: […]

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What changes would you make to improve auction houses?

So with all the anger and disappointment in the auction houses, as evidenced by polls and comments on TheDomains and Namepros, what changes would you like to see implemented? Some domain investors might be past the point of no return, but for those who believe things can be improved, where do we start? GoDaddy stands […]

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Do you trust the major auction websites?

Simple question, place your vote and feel free to leave a comment expanding on your vote if you like. There have been many bidding scandals, GoDaddy’s refusal to show bidder id’s etc… Do you trust GoDaddy Auctions, NameJet, Snapnames and DropCatch when it comes to platform integrity, fraud detection systems in place, etc…? Please note […]

Read more closes at $46,500, will GoDaddy get full payment this time? closed at $46,500 today on GoDaddy auctions. After last week’s flurry of information on, it will be interesting to see if GoDaddy needs to take a haircut here. Will the buyer get the wire in on time? This could be a new gameshow for every high priced auction close on GoDaddy. There is […]

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