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January 18, 2020 21:11

You are browsing the archive for domain auctions. expired domain auction canceled after the owner renewed

Every once and a while you find an expired domain you really like, bid on it, and then get an email a day or two later like the one below… As pretty much all of you know by now, I’m a big two-word .COM fan, they represent the core of my domain portfolio and are […]

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Three times a charm? #Frikik .com domain once again auctioned at #DropCatch!

The domain was auctioned twice at DropCatch, after the first auction’s winner failed to pay, apparently. And now, is once again in a DropCatch auction, indicating that the second auction’s winner didn’t pay either! In other words, the recorded sale of for $1,600 dollars is now null and void, and we are […]

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NamesCon domain auction moves to GoDaddy and Proxibid

At last some change in the NamesCon Global domain auction as the action moves from Namejet to GoDaddy. The new platform is of course GoDaddy Auctions with its pros and cons. The auction page is already active with 57 domains listed for pre-bidding. A lot more domains are going to be added to the auction […]

Read more closes at $42,500 highest reported sale ever if it’s paid

Surprisingly there have only been 31 reported sales. closed at $42,500 today on GoDaddy auctions and will be the highest sale ever. The previous top sale sold for $15,800 and is a Chinese casino website. Top 5 15,800 USD 2016-02-27 DropCatch 15,000 USD 2018-09-26 GoDaddy 15,000 USD 2017-10-20 NameJet […]

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Seven with #Sedo : iGaming auction brings gambling #domains to the masses

Sedo, our premium sponsor, is rolling out a seven day auction of iGaming domain names. Said Sedo on Twitter: “We’ll be promoting the top notch inventory during the @iGamingSummit event which starts today in beautiful Malta!” The domain auction includes gambling, gaming and sports betting domains, and is expected to attract many. Internet gambling and […]

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Hilco Streambank marketing Thomas Cook domain names for sale

Hilco Streambank is marketing for sale a portfolio of domain names of Thomas Cook Group Plc (in Liquidation) and certain subsidiaries (also in Liquidation) (the “Companies”) on behalf of Simon Appell, Alastair Beveridge, Daniel Imison and Ben Browne of AlixPartners UK LLP as Special Managers of the Company appointed to support the Official Receiver as […]

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November 2009 the scandal that rocked domaining – A look back

A decade ago it was the scandal that rocked the domain industry, the Snapnames Halvarez bidding scandal. Mike wrote The 5 Most Surprising Things That Came Out Of The SnapNames Scandal Michael Arrington wrote at TechCrunch: SnapNames: Apologies Shouldn’t Be Conditional, Especially When You Steal From Customers Mike again posted 12,000 Auctions, 8,900 Bidders and […]

Read more closes at $68,000 and another interesting story expired at GoDaddy auctions and just closed at $68,000. This sale should go through at some price at least it can’t be renewed. Back in September closed at $14,294 but apparently some people didn’t pay and the name was eventually settled at $504. Someone I know confirmed the non paying bidders and must […]

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The HD bot and GoDaddy Auctions

It’s no secret to anyone active in the expired auction scene that Huge Domains and their bot are a big deal on GoDaddy auctions. A thread titled, HUGE DOMAINS SNIPING GODADDY CLOSEOUTS got things going on Namepros. The thread has 21,000 views and 430 replies. It’s a long read and an informative read, if you […]

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The good, the bad and the ugly – GoDaddy Auctions 2019 Edition

Back in 2016 we started a series here that looked at the best and worst about companies in the domain industry. Over the last 30 months a lot has changed at many companies so we are revisiting the good, the bad and the ugly. Each post will deal with just one company, readers are encouraged […]

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