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April 5, 2020 01:04

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LLL .com auctions : No, the three letter #domain name has not expired!

It’s very rare to see three letter .com domains (LLL) dropping these days, and is not one of them. DropCatch is listing the three letter domain, prominently on its auctions currently, but the domain has not expired or dropped. So what is going on? For a while now, DropCatch is auctioning domains belonging […]

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Those are some incredible bids

So while I was looking at GoDaddy auctions this morning, four auctions stood out. 7 –   –   $11,750 * USD$  3D 8H 7 –   –   $11,500 * USD$  3D 8H 7 –   –   $11,500 * USD$  3D 8H 6 –   –   $11,000 * USD$  […]

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Looks like had a deadbeat buyer at #DropCatch

The auction for ended at $4,494 dollars on February 18th, but that result was not paid for. Apparently a deadbeat high bidder caused the domain to be re-auctioned at DropCatch, where the numbers are now lower. is being bid on by a bunch of people but the high bid is at $1,050 dollars […]

Read more closed in 2016, laid off 4,000 people, domain closes today at $95,000 on NameJet closed at $95,000 on NameJet on Wednesday. The domain was owned by Getit Infoservices Private Ltd. A company with an interesting backstory. The company based out of India closed up and laid off 4,000 people. wrote: logs off operations, 4,000 employees lose their jobs. AskMe accuses its investor, Astro Entertainment Networks Ltd […]

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After selling for $7,500 in 2013 left to expire

5G.ORG closed at $6,150 on GoDaddy yesterday. The domain was previously sold for $7,500 in 2013. The domain name was under privacy at GoDaddy and parked at Sedo up until expiration. Historical Sales 7,500 USD on 2013-06-26 at Sedo In 2013 5G was a future standard, today all the buzz is about 5G. 5G – […]

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Namejet and Snapnames combine domain auction inventory

NameJet and Snapnames announced they will be combining their registrar expiry domain names into one domain auction inventory. NameJet and SnapNames have been doing this with drop catching auctions since 2017. You will now be able to bid on the same expired domains from either platform. Not sure if this is enough to save these 2 […]

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What was the best buy from NamesCon Live Auction?

Now that it’s been a week since the NamesCon live auction. Which buy did you think was the best buy? When the auction was going on and I was live tweeting it seemed many thought was a great buy. Someone today emailed me they missed the auction as they were out of town. They […]

Read more sells for $800,000 to lead NamesCon Live Auction stole the show at NamesCon live auction. The name sold for $800,000. sold for $260,000. The two LL.coms did not meet reserve. 74 out of 136 lots sold. There were no new gtld sales but to be fair there were only a few in the auction. I was live tweeting and we had […]

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NamesCon 2020 live domain name auction lot order and reserves

The NamesCon 2020 live domain name auction takes place today. 136 domain names will be auctioned. The Premium Live Domain Auctions takes place at the NamesCon Global Conference 2020 in Austin, Texas starting Thursday January 30, 2020 at 4:30 PM CST (US Central Time). The Premium Live Domain will end at about 7:30 pm CST. […]

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NamesCon live auction list (136 domains, 111 .coms)

The list of 136 domains for the NamesCon 2020 live auction has been selected and loaded onto the live auction platform at The live auction list might have some slight changes until the time of the auction starting January 30, 2020 at 4:30 PM CST (US Central Time). .Com dominates in the 136 strong […]

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