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April 26, 2019 05:47

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Domain auction preview with Monte Cahn – DNW Podcast #220

A look back at previous live domain auctions and what to expect next week in Las Vegas. Monte Cahn joins on us this week’s podcast to preview next week’s NamesCon live domain name auction. We also discuss what he’s seeing in the domain market and what has happened to the value of certain types of […]

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.NYC tech domain name auction brings in $29,000 pulls in highest bid in latest auction of .NYC domain name.s .NYC held an auction of technology and entrepreneur-themed domain names on SnapNames that concluded yesterday. The headline result was quite a bit lower than previous auctions. 18 domain names sold for a total of $28,872, led by for $8,638. This compares to […]

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.NYC tech domain name auction kicks off at SnapNames

Latest themed auction features tech and entrepreneur domain names. Today marks the official start of the tech-themed auction of .NYC domain names at SnapNames. The auction follows on the heels of a successful .NYC auction at SnapNames for fashion domain names. led that auction in February, selling for $37,000. was close behind at […]

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Sedo LLL .info auction : Less than 4 days to go, with low domain reserves

Sedo has been churning out a variety of auctions lately; after its success with the Austrian .AT auction generating more than $1 million in sales, its GreatDomains auction was a success as well. Fans of LLL domains (three letters) might want to take a look at a small but sweet auction of 50 three letter […]

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.Buzz top level domain name hits market for $3. 5 million+

Owner of .buzz plans to exit the business through an auction. The .buzz domain name can be yours–for a minimum bid of $3.5 million. DotStrategy, the company behind .buzz, is holding a sealed auction for the domain. .Buzz has always fascinated me, and not just because of the unique characteristics of the domain itself. It […]

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New York City domain name auction tops $70,000 as RealEstate.NYC sells for $21,300

Real estate terms sell for big bucks in .nyc domain name auction. Earlier today I wrote about a registry auction for .NYC domain names on NameJet. The auction has concluded with 19 of 20 domain names selling for a total of $70,650. led the pack with a winning bid of $21,300, followed by […]

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Auction for, and others ends today

.NYC auction features 20 domain names. A registry auction on NameJet featuring 20 .NYC domain names ends this afternoon. The domain names have a heavy real estate emphasis. Real estate domain names have an obvious appeal in New York City, which is known for its high real estate prices. As of right now, apartments.NYC is […]

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With one day to go, there are some good deals in this .Club auction

Some of the best two-letter domain names currently have very reasonable prices. Smart bidders usually wait until the last minute to place bids in domain name auctions, so it’s probably not fair to say the .Club auction on Sedo right now has bargains. Still, with just 24 hours to go, the current bids seem very […]

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Donuts and Radix still miffed over .Web applicant

Companies file reconsideration request. Meanwhile, who just bought Last week Radix and Schlund Technologies GmbH sent letters to ICANN asking them to postpone an upcoming auction for .Web, scheduled to take place July 27. They are concerned that applicant Nu Dot Co is now controlled by (or bidding on behalf of) another entity. Kevin […]

Read more : Domain auction bids surpass 1 million euro

Dietmar Stefitz, founder of Domaining Europe, shared some numbers about the ongoing domain auction, managed by According to Stefitz, domain auction bids have surpassed the 1 million euro mark, for a total of 134 domains with bids: Today more than €1.000.000 in bids have been recorded on 134 names. The highest bid on a […]

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