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June 21, 2018 18:10

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Lessons learned from Rick Schwartz – buying a domain with the “perfect” entity to sell it to in mind is probably a big mistake

While Rick Schwartz might not be blogging anymore, he is tweeting more than ever and I’ve been finding some great nuggets in his tweets. This particular nugget is one that I’ve learned the hard way more than once, okay, it probably took me at least five times to really learn my lesson here. Here’s Rick’s […]

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Domain Tips & Tricks #1 : Off the cuff advice for domain investors

Domainers dish out a lot of free advice on a variety of media; our new “Domain Tips & Tricks” series aims at giving solid, professional advice to domain investors worldwide. No longer a game of dollars and sense, domain investing requires a serious commitment – not just spending a few minutes here and there, pretending […]

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Want to learn about Domain Investing? Don’t Forget, Most Advice Has An Expiration Date

The domain name industry is full of people giving advice and the number of people offering advice has increased exponentially over the years. One of the biggest problems with the growth of the Domaining education space is that only a fraction of the people giving advice are speaking from experience, many are just trying to […]

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DNForum advice : Make more money domaining

The ultimate goal for every domain investor is to make money. Preferably, lots of money! The domain industry offers a variety of opportunities to everyone, even for new investors, to generate wealth by following the successful steps of more experienced domainers. By tapping into the mindset and methodology to domain investing of others, one can […]

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Are you that stupid? Avvo user seeks legal advice to engage in RDNH!

One Avvo user – the online place to seek professional “free advice” on legal matters – is clearly in need of education on domain and trademark matters. The question asked was: “ If I Trademark a Website Domain that is currently owned can I legally have the owner forfeit the rights of ownership to me?” Where […]

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Brian Null of fame launches Domain Name Advice

After selling the tremendous asset of in late August, and relocating to, domain entrepreneur Brian Null quietly worked on other ventures. It seems that flying under the radar is the best way to introduce new partnerships; it allows for a better assessment of the domain industry’s trends and needs. With the domain industry […]

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