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February 20, 2020 20:44

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“Darkhotel” Uses Bogus Crypto Certificates To Snare Wi-Fi-Connected; Former Apple Inc Chief Executive, John Sculley, Is Betting On Mdlive

Don’t get high on your own supply – 3 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started Domaining; Judge Orders One of the Largest Divorce Settlements in History; Medical Marijuana Is Going to Be Big Business; Five Takeaways From Alibaba’s Record-Busting $9.3 Billion Shopping…;Outsourced or In House Social Media: Why Not Both? Why Millennials […]

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California: First divorce filed due to “new gTLD investments”

Only in California: a divorce was filed in Orange county, California, by a woman whose domainer husband engaged aggressively in gTLD domain registrations and other activity that damaged their joint finances. This incredible case sets a new standard to the reasons someone raises, when divorcing their spouse. Milly R., of Escondido is divorcing Enrique – […]

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What I Learned About Health Care When My Cat Died; Amazon, Porn and Profits

Divorcing Spouses are Business Partners- My Brother-in-Law ( doing yeoman’s work blogging exemplifying how to extract full value of Exact Match Domain and using LinkedIn to distribute posts broadly; Secure Sites Will Show Up Higher in Google Search Results; Should Employees Still Be Paid For Time at the Office Or What They…SEO ISN’T COMPLICATED, IT’S JUST […]

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Never Wait In Line Again; Six ‘must haves’ for the new age executive

PLUS: Ten Things You Didn’t Know That Google Now Could Do including Spotting Explicit Images In A Man’s Email And Tipping Feds; Why Social Media Marketing is All About Engagement, Not Advertising;  Macs could run on ARM processors by 2016; Apple Empowers Those from All Walks of Life in New Ad for iPhone5S; The App […]

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What Was It Like To Make My First Million Dollars? What Happens To Your House In A Divorce?

PLUS: How to Perfect Your Elevator Speech; Fortune Tracks Your Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Other Cryptocurrencies; China Bought $22 Billion Worth Of US Homes Over A Recent 12-Month Span; For Auto Shopping Sites, Bots Are the True Decepticons and… Not Your Fathers Bookseller- How the CIA Partnered With Amazon Cloud Services and Changed Intelligence – Defense…for […]

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