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September 23, 2019 00:26

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ICANN would reject call for “diversity” office

ICANN’s board of directors would reject a call for an “Office of Diversity”, due to its current budget crunch. The board said as much in remarks filed to a public comment period that got its final report this week. The report of the CCWG-Accountability Work Stream 2 working group had recommended several potential things ICANN […]

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How Voice Search Will Change The Future Of SEO

57% of traffic now from smartphones and tablets; Smart code helps your phone browse the web twice as quickly; The 10 most popular apps people keep on their home screens; If you think brilliant ideas just simply drop out of the sky, you are wrong— The best ideas show up after the ‘dip’ … How […]

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ICANN receives first sexual harassment complaint

ICANN’s Ombudsman has received what is thought to be the first complaint of sexual harassment at an ICANN meeting. The allegation emerged during a meeting between non-commercial stakeholders and the ICANN board of directors yesterday. During its sessions with constituency groups yesterday, the ICANN board had pushed participants for their views on geographic and gender […]

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How a 10% Rate Hike Affects Online Retailers; How C.I.A. Brought Tons of Heroin To USA

A Drug to Cure Fear; I got Jacked! – Brand Protection Basics “Brandjacking” What Happened? AOL Introduces New ‘All-in-One’ Platform for Publishers; 6  Brand-Building And Thought Leadership Companies To Watch; DiCaprio-Backed Synthetics Firm Lures High-Profile Diamond Cutters; How Diversity Relates to Climate Change; Need a Nap at Work? Here’s What to Do and.. You weaken […]

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It Turns Out That In Vegas, The House Doesn’t Always Win; Startups With Insane Employee Perks

Here’s Why Public Wifi is a Public Health Hazard; Meet the man who wants to transform LinkedIn into an education platform; Google Drone Guru Says Air Deliveries Coming As Soon As Next Year; How 1 Man Made 100 Times His Money After Age 50; Twitter just integrated Periscope into tweets so you can watch live […]

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