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January 19, 2020 16:22

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3D printed Death Stars; Defrosting Your Windshield in Seconds; ‘Flying While Fat’

This anti-Trump site snagged a unique domain name; The newest billion-dollar startup is basically Uber for private jets; Being Late Is What Makes Me Great; With Uber and Lyft Nearby, Rental Cars May Be Ripe for a Comeuppance; The Trump Effect? Apple’s Foxconn Plans iPhone Manufacturing in U.S. and.. THE FUTURE OF DIGITAL: 2016 Options […]

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In Business, DIGITAL Changes Everything, Whether You Realize It Or Not

A press release from our friends at presents 11 amazing facts about the digital world  that suggest your business is changing, whether you realize it or not: #1. Web-based email usage is on the decline.  #2. US Internet users spend 3X more minutes on blogs & social networks than on email.  #3. 10.3 billion […]

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“Money”: a Virtual Digital Particle Created by Keystrokes

PLUS: Are We Becoming A #hashtag World?; Hiring an Employee is like Buying a House; Are You About to Waste Money on Your Website Redesign; “Build your audience not for marketing, but for learning.” Reid Hoffman:  Managing Talent In The Networked Age; Why Apple’s iWallet with American Express, Vis and Master Card might actually work; […]

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7 Things That Will No Longer Be Your Priority Once You Become a Parent

PLUS: Everyone you’d ever want to sell a domain to all in one room not it’s not TRAFFIC, it’s Sun Valley Retreat: Panel Lineup Details As Moguls Hit Town; Sincerity – The Secret Sauce for Selling in the Digital Age; Samsung admits ‘weak demand’ for its phones is damaging profits; Google To Go After Amazon By […]

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I Almost Died in the Deadliest Plane Crash Ever; Patentability of 3D-Printed Organs

PLUS: 3 Key PPC Metrics Are Lying To You; From Surfing Vacation Dream to $24 Million Business; How Two Former Roadies Created A Billion-Dollar Energy Company; Does the New York Times Know How to Fire Someone? Pinterest Valued at $5 Billion; The Document That Could Change the Internet Forever; The Document That Could Change the […]

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The New Currency That’s Making Normal People Millionaires

Click Here To Watch Aired on local South Florida TV last night…. “It’s the year of the Bitcoin: in-depth report on the controversial digital currency that’s seemingly created out of thin air and turning normal people into millionaires.” From Follow Randy Gyllenhaal @wpbf_randy: Believers in a new, digital currency — one that could compete with the U.S. […]

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