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November 19, 2019 13:47

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Editorial : A fun revisit to the embargoed #news practices

Welcome to the DomainGang Editorial for March 2018. A press release about the acquisition of Domaining Europe by NamesCon was embargoed until 4PM Pacific (7PM Eastern.) Two fellow publications shared the news already, because the embargo was lifted early by NamesCon. We were not copied on that update, however, and it’s understandable that mistakes do […]

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Brands and Domains : Hybrid industry event in Valencia, Spain

Pure “domainer” events are not en vogue anymore. Take, for example, the evolution of NamesCon, and how it’s now introducing web hosting elements, thanks to its acquisition by the German firm, WebHostingDays. Dietmar Stefitz, founder of Domaining Europe, has just announced the launch of a joint event in Valencia, Spain, about “Brands and Domains.” Dietmar […]

Read more : Domain auction bids surpass 1 million euro

Dietmar Stefitz, founder of Domaining Europe, shared some numbers about the ongoing domain auction, managed by According to Stefitz, domain auction bids have surpassed the 1 million euro mark, for a total of 134 domains with bids: Today more than €1.000.000 in bids have been recorded on 134 names. The highest bid on a […]

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Domaining Europe : Good things come in small packages – Conference photos

Domaining Europe did not set new records in attendance, but provided rewarding sessions to those who were present. A European domain conference taking place in The Hague, The Netherlands, between May 29 and 31st, Domaining Europe 2016 closed its first day with an attendance of approximately 150 people. Dietmar Stefitz, founder of Domaining Europe, told […]

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