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August 25, 2019 02:18

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Delta Airlines Loses UDRP To Grab Domain Delta.Tours

Delta Air Lines, Inc. just lost its bid to grab the new gTLD in a one member panel UDRP of Douglas M. Isenberg. The domain holder’s case was greatly helped because he registered four other .Tours domains on the same day. “”Complaint states that the Disputed Domain Name was registered on July 8, 2015, […]

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Why I’m A Technology Optimist & You Should Be Too; Last Call For Search Marketing Stars Ka’ Ching!  Apple, Google, Microsoft and 13 others sign on to protect the environment and pledge $$140 billion  to fight climate change; The 10 biggest tech billionaire yachts on the high seas; Delta Is About to Offer One of the Coolest Upgrades Yet—PRIVATE to Very Few Flyers; Could regulation put the brakes on the digital […]

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Ev Williams Secret Formula for Getting Rich Online; Dramatically Improve Your Web Site

PLUS: Investors Dump Money Into Legal Weed; Tablets revolutionizing classroom and why Delta ordered 11,000 tablets from Microsoft, not Apple; Like gTLDs shortage of Yellow Cab Medallions Opens nyc doors for GREEN cabs; Could A Shorter Commute Save Your Marriage?  and… 8 Insane Revelations From the Alleged Silk Road Kingpin’s Indictment Delete Owen Frager Chris Fleck More […]

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