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January 20, 2020 09:54

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Local Domainer Makes Good & ‘Tis The Season: 11 Innovative Holiday Marketing Strategies

Why Is It Important To Brand Your Business? Video Marketing: The New King Of Content; ; In-House Team Or Outsourced Digital Marketing? Twitter users respond to #280characters rollout: ‘All we wanted was an edit button’; Visionary CMOs Will Focus On Growth And Customer-Obsession In 2018; Why David Ogilvy’s Advertising Bible Is Getting A Modern Update; […]

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Marijuana May Be Legal But… & The Best Business Growth Advice You’ll Ever Receive

It Takes More than Big Balls to Sell Phone Plans; Digitally weary ceos switch to ‘dumb’ phones and faxes; How Misfits Like Elon Musk and Richard Branson Become Transformational Leaders; 5 Ways To Keep Your Brand Current; David Ogilvy’s 10 tips for clear, concise writing; BMO and MLSE announce 10-year naming rights renewal for BMO […]

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Donald Trump. Today’s David Ogilvy? How to Give Your Brand Purpose & Attract Customers

How added 100,000 items from 40 drop-ship suppliers; Snapchat is the Killer Personal Branding Platform; How Donald Trump Got Everything Wrong About Apple in One Sentence; The True Irony of Practice; The Most Amazing Slices of Pizza in NYC, Ranked; Drug lord ‘El Chapo’ lights up sales for a web retailer and.. The Nexus […]

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The secretive billionaire who built Silicon Valley; The Initiative To Create A Great Company Culture:

PLUS: Richard Branson And Tony Hsieh On Business Lives, Leadership …David Ogilvy: The 7 Commandments of Advertising; Miami, the great world city, is drowning while the powers that be do nothing; Tim Cook- Go Where You Are Celebrated, Not Tolerated; The Secret Language of Millennials; The Future Sure Looks Better From the Past… and Guest […]

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How Successful People Make Their Own Luck

PLUS: Scoring A Sponsored Wedding; How to Speak Like a Leader; What “Brand” Means in 2014; Apple: Why The Cash Issue Is So Important; In Defense of Taking a Mid-Career Life Gap Year ; 3 Rules for Rule Breaking; 3 Things to Do Right After a Failure; The “Dot” and the Word That Follows it and […]

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Microsoft’s Astonishing Ambition; The Psychology of Online Comments; Digitizer Scanner Is a Copier For 3D Items

PLUS: 7 Marketing Tips You Can Learn from David Ogilvy; For Startups, Your Culture Starts With Your First Hire; More than 40 percent of YouTube traffic now comes from mobile; Facebook Is No Longer The Most Popular Social Network For Teens;  7 Marketing Lessons From My Local Barber Shop and.. The Future of Wearable Technology: Smaller, […]

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