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September 19, 2019 02:47

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One bitcoin is selling for almost $14,000; GoDaddy Seeks Injunction Against Cybersquatter

7 Things You Should Know Before Making a Major Career Decision; Agree? “Not Everybody Is Looking for an Easy, Fun Job”; Tax bill hammers startups? Your AirPods case has a hidden power; Medigate raises $5.35 million to help secure medical devices Owen FragerOutsourced | Marketing (NYC / Miami)49s  Visible toPublic 7 Things You Should Know Before […]

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How do we break the “squatter” stigma?

This weekend me and my college friends got together for a weekend reunion in DC. It was always and it’s something we try to do every year but end up doing every 2-3 years. That being said, it was a blast and it’s also incredibly interesting to see how all our lives change over time. […]

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Cybersquatting : It should not be controlled by the US Congress

The problem of cybersquatting as it applies to domains, isn’t new. ICANN started dealing with such violations in 1999, introducing the UDRP process on April 30th of that year. Although 17 years have passed since, many domain investors continue to fail the cybersquatting test, with regards to the domain registrations of choice. An article from […]

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Damn Cybersquatters Again! Is BitCoin Doomed? Black Friday’s Losing Its Mojo?

This is how websites track you; Showing Up: The Single Most Important Thing A Friend Can Do; How To Increase Your LinkedIn Profile Views Quick And Easy; Beyond the “Last Click”: A Conversation with Marchex; Here Are A Dozen Bargain Marketing Platforms for SMBs; Click → To Calculate The Value of All You Do; Apple’s Tim Cook says […]

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Watch Out Cybersquatters, Here Come The Domain Snatchers

I always get a kick out of what the main stream media tends to cook up. I was browsing Google News and I ran into an article about domain names […]

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Greek hero : Alek Skarlatos beats a terrorist, loses .com to cybersquatter

US National Guardsman Alek Skarlatos, along with Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler were on a train from Amsterdam to Paris, where they successfully disarmed a heavily armed Moroccan terrorist. That heroic response was triggered by thoughtless sacrifice, and on Skarlatos’s part, Greek genes. Emanuel Skarlatos, an Oregon native, is proud father to brothers Alek, Solon […]

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Filthy Domain Squatter!

Rick Schwartz acquired as a “trophy” domain on Flippa, and the domain is being used as a forward to the Hall of Shame Reverse Domain Name Hijacking repository. Let’s face it – the term “cybersquatter” is antiquated; when it was coined, Al Gore had just invented the Internet, and Bill Clinton was using a […]

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Rick Schwartz acquired the domain on Flippa

It was a wild guess, but it turned out to be 100% accurate: Rick Schwartz, the Domain King, has acquired the domain on Flippa. Exactly as we predicted yesterday, Rick’s acquisition of is an instant pointing of the domain to Hall Of Shame, a repository of shameful UDRP cases involving Reverse Domain Name […]

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The domain name was sold on Flippa, after being listed for a few days; during that time, its seller changed the BIN several times, and added a portfolio of other domains as ‘freebies.’ The term ‘cybersquatter‘ is considered extremely insulting to domain investors, and it’s a leftover from older times when anyone registering domains […]

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Flippa : How much will sell for ?

One of the most controversial domain names to be made available over a third party auction venue, is Currently at Flippa with a day to go, the dreadful “C-word” domain has reached $2,150 with 110 bids. Wow. Actually, those automatic bids were made by three bidders in total, two of which are currently suspended. […]

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