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January 20, 2020 08:34

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WannaCry malware cybercriminals made more than $6,300 in BTC so far

The cybercriminals behind the WannaCry ransomware attack have already made a small fortune in Bitcoin. Once security analysts reverse-engineered the WannaCry code, the following Bitcoin address was revealed: 115p7UMMngoj1pMvkpHijcRdfJNXj6LrLn So far, that address has received 30 payments from victims whose computer files were encrypted, and succumbed to this type of digital blackmail. According to, […]

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NameCheap promo for .US domains seeded spammer’s domain portfolio

An unscrupulous spammer, blasting millions of emails daily, is using cheap .US registrations at NameCheap for his mass spamming. When domain registrars offer domain registrations below the $1 dollar threshold, spammers reap the benefits. Hiding behind a Cloudflare proxy DNS, the cybercriminals are using hosts in Russia, Estonia and elsewhere. Just like in the case […]

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Feds nab owner, seize domains

U.S. authorities have charged the alleged owner of today’s most visited illegal file-sharing website,, with criminal copyright infringement and have seized domain names associated with the website. According to the US Department of Justice, Artem Vaulin, 30, a Ukrainian citizen, was arrested today in Poland and is charged by criminal complaint. The charges include […]

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Chinese domain sales report : Hacker jailed to 4 years in US prison

Cybercrime originating from China often accounts for the majority of current attacks against the US military cyberspace. According to an announcement by the US Justice Department: “A Chinese national who admitted to participating in a years-long conspiracy that involved Chinese military officers hacking into the computer networks of major U.S. defense contractors in order to […]

Read more : One of the earliest cases of ICANN-reported domain theft

Domain theft is a crime. Stealing domains amounts to removing a valuable asset that belongs to someone else, and it’s no different than stealing a car, for example. For many years, domain names have been stolen, and overseer ICANN does not currently offer the type of domain ownership record, or title, made available to owners […]

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Domain crime warning : has been reported as stolen

The three letter .com domain,, has been reported as stolen. According to information acquired by domain broker, James Booth, was confirmed as stolen by its legitimate owner, Mr. Christopher C. Hyun. The theft occurred in early March, when was moved to GoDaddy, away from a Network Solutions account. Its owner, who operates […]

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Sino-Russian conspiracy : Domains used to steal bank account credentials

Russian cybercriminals hiding behind fake Chinese WHOIS have launched sophisticated phishing attacks. Targeting owners of major US bank accounts, the attacks involve the registration of domains resembling those of financial institutions; most of these domains are registered with Chinese domain registrars. Chase Bank is one such example we covered; Wells Fargo is another such incident. […]

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Domain crime : is no longer a stolen domain asset

It took nearly four months for the owner of the domain to get it back, after Chinese cybercriminals stole it. In November 2015, we covered the domain theft incident that involved seven valuable numeric and short domains. With the assistance of the losing registrar, GoDaddy, six of the seven domains were returned in a […]

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Domain crime : Chase Bank was targeted with phishing domain

Last week we revealed how the account structure of Wells Fargo was used by cybercriminals who registered a similar domain. Now it’s the time of Chase Bank; cybercriminals registered the domain and are using it in phishing emails. Falsifying the email so as to appear to arrive from Chase Bank, the registrant of the […]

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Phishing domain takes advantage of Wells Fargo subdomain structure

Domain phishing is one of the primary techniques cybercriminals use, in order to steal personal and financial information. Posing as legitimate web sites such as banks, phishing emails direct their unsuspecting victims to a portal that resembles that of a major, reputable institution. To make things more believable, cybercriminals study and often replicate the full […]

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