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January 27, 2020 20:58

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#Security expert Brian Krebs rips #ICANN in #GDPR report covering #WHOIS

Investigative journalist, Brian Krebs, covers the onslaught of GDPR and how it will complicate his security research, and that of others. In an article, titled “Security Trade-Offs in the New EU Privacy Law,” Mr. Krebs debunks a series of myths and misconceptions about GDPR and in the process, it rips ICANN a new hole. […] […]

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#Domain investors need to watch for port-out scams

Port-out scams involve the malicious transfer of a phone number, away from its current telephone company to another. By using social engineering and other methods, cybercriminals gain access to mobile phone numbers, subsequently taking over the digital assets of the person it belongs to. Shocking as it may seem, many phone company representatives require very […]

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HyphBot : Ad scam used 34,000 domains to reap $500,000 dollars daily

A sophisticated scam involving 34,000 domains reaped up to $500,000 dollars in advertiser’s traffic, a day! Bot traffic driven by cybercriminals created more than a million URLs, in an attempt to fool advertisers into buying ad traffic that supposedly originated from big publishers. This technique is called “domain spoofing,” and the bot traffic was then […]

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DomainTools on Cyber Monday scams : Consumer awareness and phishing emails

We’ve been getting a bunch of emails lately, that pretend to originate from major online retailers, such as Amazon, Target, Kohl’s and even Wal-Mart. These are, in fact, phishing emails that pretend to offer discounts, gift cards, and other benefits; some in reference to the oncoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Consumers should be […]

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Domain crime : Get your domains away from AOL, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts fast!

Global alert : Domain hackers are attempting to steal domains, where the registrant uses AOL, Yahoo or Hotmail accounts. There have been numerous instances of such attempts and even successful domain theft incidents that we’re aware of. Changing one’s managing accounts to secure free email providers such as Gmail or ProtonMail is the first step […]

Read more lawsuit : $2 million dollar judgement against Chinese phishing domain names has won a lawsuit it filed against the Chinese operators of an elaborate phishing scheme. A Federal Court in Arizona delivered a $2 million dollar judgement against hackers who created a spoofed web site, that copied the well-known legal review web site. Randazza Legal Group, PLLC represented Avvo in this successful lawsuit. In Avvo, […]

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Chinese domain investors : 1 billion accounts leaked on the Dark Web

Domain investors from China should perform a thorough change of passwords across their social media accounts without delay. Details of more than 1 billion accounts from large Chinese service providers have been packaged and are being resold on the so-called “Dark Web,” an underground group of sites operating on the Tor network. According to a […]

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NameCheap promo for .US domains seeded spammer’s domain portfolio

An unscrupulous spammer, blasting millions of emails daily, is using cheap .US registrations at NameCheap for his mass spamming. When domain registrars offer domain registrations below the $1 dollar threshold, spammers reap the benefits. Hiding behind a Cloudflare proxy DNS, the cybercriminals are using hosts in Russia, Estonia and elsewhere. Just like in the case […]

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Domain spammer using .TOP domains registered at Alpnames

A domain spammer is taking advantage of a current promo at Alpnames, registering dozens of .TOP domains and using them to send out spam. The unscrupulous cybercriminal is using Cloudflare to hide its current location. Dot .TOP ranked as the #3 most abused TLD by SpamHaus in early December; the current ranking raises it to […]

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Russian Methbot : Largest ad fraud operation earns $5 million daily targeting premium domains

Russian cybercriminals are making between $3 to $5 million dollars daily, by faking clicks on video ads. Operation Methbot was uncovered by cybersecurity firm White Ops. More than 6,000 premium domains were targeted and spoofed, and a huge network of bots fired clicks from US-based IP addresses that were obtained using fraudulent means. Released today, […]

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