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December 14, 2018 17:04

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Is Your Culture Your Brand? and.. the Incredible Story of

Today: Coinbase, Instagram Influencers Scamming Free Hotel Rooms, Culture, Brand, Amazon U.S. Regulators Approve Coinbase Acquisitions, Enabling It to List Security Tokens Instagram Influencers Are Driving Luxury Hotels Crazy Hotels are being forced to figure out how to work with a new class of brand-peddling marketers About the process of building

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Your Internal Culture Is Your Brand; $2,400 Can Get You $150,000 Worth of Media Attention

The “Quantum Internet” Is Just a Decade Away. Here’s What You Need to know; Apple has a surprising new growth engine spends almost $3 billion on self-driving and AR; 149,513 Emails Are Sent Every Minute: Here’s How to Get Someone to Read yours; Your Guide to the Best Rooftop Bars around Miami Open options for […]

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How to Energize Yourself for Change; Get 5+ Job Offers in 1 Week

Would you pay $1,200 for a technology detox? You can if you like; Culture shapes marketing. Marketing shapes culture. Our values shape both; Nearing Retirement? It’s Time to Be Creative; Email Is Broken, It Needs to Die, and We’ll Be Sorry When It’s Gone; As Cuba opens, developers tee up to build golf courses; Companies […]

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How Bitcoin Will Travel; How Google Plans to Steal More of Your Traffic

PLUS: Hear the new electric Harley; The 10 Most Expensive Hollywood Rides; Mobile Malware Is On The Rise; Why You Should Have an Official G Page; 3-D Print This Chart About 3-D Printing; Is It Safe To Drink at a Work Event? How Do You Create a Culture for Breakthroughs? Do you have the mind […]

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The Wild and Crazy Career Paths of 5 Self-Made Billionaires; Unwanted Domain Name? Join the Web Domain White Elephant Exchange

ALSO… InspireME Christmas;Texting App “WhatsApp” Has 400 Million People Using It; Tom Cruise Settles Defamation Lawsuit Against Publisher; Reputation Management is Not Pig Lipstick; 5 More Women in Tech Orgs You Should Know; Culture Comes First. The Rest Is Noise… and….flying out? Want To Reserve Your Seat? There’s a Fee for That. Owen Frager ==> InspireME Christmas— OUR […]

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You Might Be Smarter Than a Genius. I am. Plus The Pirate Bay Moves to .AC After Domain Name Seizure

PLUS: Adobe Chases Elusive Profit in $67.3 Billion Cloud Market; Seth Godin on Failing Until You Succeed;Google Tests Social Ads, Turns Google+ Posts Into Display Ads To Show… ; Texas Trust Puts A Wrap On Outdoor Advertising Strategy; Why America must end its partisan feuding and.. Big Ideas 2014: Creating a Culture of Health  Frager likes […]

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