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June 19, 2018 19:52

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Your Internal Culture Is Your Brand; $2,400 Can Get You $150,000 Worth of Media Attention

The “Quantum Internet” Is Just a Decade Away. Here’s What You Need to know; Apple has a surprising new growth engine spends almost $3 billion on self-driving and AR; 149,513 Emails Are Sent Every Minute: Here’s How to Get Someone to Read yours; Your Guide to the Best Rooftop Bars around Miami Open options for […]

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How to Energize Yourself for Change; Get 5+ Job Offers in 1 Week

Would you pay $1,200 for a technology detox? You can if you like; Culture shapes marketing. Marketing shapes culture. Our values shape both; Nearing Retirement? It’s Time to Be Creative; Email Is Broken, It Needs to Die, and We’ll Be Sorry When It’s Gone; As Cuba opens, developers tee up to build golf courses; Companies […]

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How Bitcoin Will Travel; How Google Plans to Steal More of Your Traffic

PLUS: Hear the new electric Harley; The 10 Most Expensive Hollywood Rides; Mobile Malware Is On The Rise; Why You Should Have an Official G Page; 3-D Print This Chart About 3-D Printing; Is It Safe To Drink at a Work Event? How Do You Create a Culture for Breakthroughs? Do you have the mind […]

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The Wild and Crazy Career Paths of 5 Self-Made Billionaires; Unwanted Domain Name? Join the Web Domain White Elephant Exchange

ALSO… InspireME Christmas;Texting App “WhatsApp” Has 400 Million People Using It; Tom Cruise Settles Defamation Lawsuit Against Publisher; Reputation Management is Not Pig Lipstick; 5 More Women in Tech Orgs You Should Know; Culture Comes First. The Rest Is Noise… and….flying out? Want To Reserve Your Seat? There’s a Fee for That. Owen Frager ==> InspireME Christmas— OUR […]

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You Might Be Smarter Than a Genius. I am. Plus The Pirate Bay Moves to .AC After Domain Name Seizure

PLUS: Adobe Chases Elusive Profit in $67.3 Billion Cloud Market; Seth Godin on Failing Until You Succeed;Google Tests Social Ads, Turns Google+ Posts Into Display Ads To Show… ; Texas Trust Puts A Wrap On Outdoor Advertising Strategy; Why America must end its partisan feuding and.. Big Ideas 2014: Creating a Culture of Health  Frager likes […]

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