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January 17, 2018 05:12

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Adam Dicker hints of upcoming #crypto ventures in new tweet

Adam Dicker, who recently made the news in an ESPN coverage about the domain, is apparently tapping the cryptocurrency market. In a rare departure from football-related tweets, Adam Dicker hinted of something that he’s working on: “I have a the next big cryptocurrency that will skyrocket. Cost pennies at the moment. Will announce soon.” […]

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The Next Species Of Human: An Ultimate Reboot For Humanity; Who Owns The Internet?

When it pays to quit your job; 3 Ways How You Can Win Your Day; What Will 2018 Fintech & Crypto Look Like?; It’s No Guessing Game: Why You Need to Scale Predictably to Grow Your Business; The Key to Thomas Edison’s Incredible Innovative Creativity: Adaptation; How To Succeed In Your First Remote Working Position; […]

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#Cryptocurrency and #ICO : Protecting intellectual property via the #UDRP process

The cryptocurrency market has become huge, with a capitalization of half a trillion dollars. Companies operating in the market, whether they offer a token or other blockchain-related product via an ICO, are becoming very attached to their brands. Domain names that infringe on existing trademarks or even common law marks, are being subjected to the […]

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Show me the #Bitcoin : A real wallet for your #crypto money

Domain investors that dabble in cryptocurrencies would appreciate a nice related gift this Holiday season. Whether you invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin, the safest place to store it is offline. In recent years, the appreciation of crypto in price led to the targeting of exchanges by hackers and cybercriminals. Once you lose your crypto, […]

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ZB .com : Multi-million dollar #domain used as #crypto exchange platform

Two letter .com domains can fetch millions of dollars, and consists of letters that are of exceptional grade to the Chinese. Canadian domain investor, George Kirikos, keeps track of the percentage of LL .com domains in the hands of Chinese registrants; meanwhile, US-based registrants own 338 LL .com domains, or exactly 50% of all […]

Read more : Colorful #domain changed hands for #Bitcoin

The aged domain,, has changed hands, being acquired by Media Options for an undisclosed sum in Bitcoin. Drew Rosener, founder of Media Options, announced the exceptional domain acquisition earlier today: “We hedged our bet and traded in some Bitcoin to buy ! Only time will tell which side of that bet was smart money!” […]

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#Crypto fever: #EasyDNS installs #Bitcoin ATM in Toronto

Canadian DNS service provider, EasyDNS, is a known pro-cryptocurrency company in the domain business. Founded in 1998, Toronto-based EasyDNS has now taken the crypto-fever one step further, by installing the first of its branded Bitcoin ATMs. “We were thrilled to install the first (of many?) easyCoin Bitcoin ATMs in our longtime haunt in Liberty Village, […]

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Is #Bitcoin crashing? New #domain will let you know!

The volatility of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has not stopped investors and speculators from testing the blockchain waters. BTC prices skyrocketed at the Coinbase exchange, before crashing down hard; many people complained that it’s not volatility that complicates the market, it’s the availability – or lack thereof – of a trading platform such as Coinbase. […]

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#Coinbase crashes as #Bitcoin price shoots through the roof

Coinbase, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, crashed moments ago due to apparent record traffic. During the past hour, the price of Bitcoin skyrocketed on the exchange, reaching more than $19,000 dollars. Domain investors that have been supporting BTC, such as Drew Rosener, must be really happy with the popular cryptocurrency’s current levels – truly stratospheric! The […]

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Basecoin : Get ready to Finnish that domain!

Better Finnish last, than not at all, as the saying goes. The domain owner of registered it in 2012, during the dawn of Bitcoin and before any other cryptocurrencies became the topic of daily discussion. Five years later, it’s going to be big. As many other early adopters of crypto, the owner of […]

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