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January 27, 2020 20:57

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Hand-Regged DollarShaveClub (.com) Goes For $1 Billion; Eleven Ways to use Crowdsourcing; Microsoft’s Bing Isn’t a Joke Anymore

IMAGINE WHAT IS IMPOSSIBLE…….THEN DO IT; Re: $1 Shave: Repeatable Success Formula— Great Domain, Different Twist on Old Idea, Branding, Direct Response TV,  Bootstrapped (founder appeared in ads), Subscription Model! Bravo! Plus… 8 companies saying yes to new domain extensions; Amazon has a radical idea to turn street lights and church steeples into refueling stations […]

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What it’s like to run Google’s $2 billion venture capital fund

Becoming a Sales Success in Today’s Corporate America; 3 Reasons LinkedIn Corp. Stock Could Rise; Apple Watch Chief Jeff Williams to Speak at Code; Yelp sale rumor reminds us that social is terrible as a business even if it did change the Web; Uber Wants to Hire an ‘Editorial Director’ to Produce Branded Content; 3 […]

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Branding Lessons From Comedian; NYC Doubled Money $117.8M Flip!

ps. Pardon our appearance big news getting ready to bust out of the seams! PLUS: Take a Tip from Bezos: Customers Always Need a Seat at the Table;  Uber Confirms “Record Breaking” Fundraising, Hopes For Driverless Ubers; Coca-Cola Turns Empty Bottles Into Paintbrushes, Lamps, Toys; IBM Crowdsources Latest Smarter City Effort; How Apple can turn […]

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Parents Asked Name My Daughter (.com) To Name Their Baby, And They Picked “Cthulhu All-Spark"

Writes HuffPO:  “Sometimes, second really is the best.  In January, expectant dad Stephen McLaughlin created the website, asking Internet strangers to do just that.  Now, he and his wife, Alysha, have announced on the website that little Amelia Savannah Joy McLaughlin was born on April 7th  After 150,000 votes, the name “Amelia” was actually […]

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Twitter: Just Another “Overhyped” Tech Company Set Up to Fail, Just Got Downgraded To Sell!

PLUS: Microsoft Earns $2 Billion Per Year From Android Patent Royalties; The World’s Largest Condom Maker Goes Long; Website builder Wix raises $127M in largest-ever IPO for Israeli firm; 5 Rules For Crowdfunding Success From The Queen Of Multitasking…; How Automattic Grew Into A Startup Worth $1 Billion With No Email…and … Pebble To Developers: Get Ready To […]

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