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January 29, 2020 12:00

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8 Clever Ways Your Business Should Be Using Live Streaming Right Now; DJ Khaled And The FTC’s Snapchat Problem

Flesh-eating cannibal spiders are headed for the UK and will soon be invading; Why Salespeople Need to Learn to be Better Copywriters (Or Else and Why IBM Is Hiring Screenwriters); How the startup economy is replacing the traditional resume;  5 Ways to Bring Your Marketing and Sales Teams Closer Together; Facebook lets retailers offer coupons […]

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Is Pot Smoking More Serious Than Wife Beating? iWallet to PayPal What iTunes Was to Tower Records

PLUS: Having a Better Brand Is Better Than Having a Better Product; Alibaba Plans to Raise Up to $21B in Possible Largest Tech IPO Ever; Remove failure from your vocabulary.” Everything you try is teaching you something.” Apple’s Plan To Kill PayPal Has Finally Become Clear; Study: Majority of U.S. consumers ‘unlikely’ to purchase, use bit […]

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Marissa Fail: Google Guy Lured To Yahoo Paid $60 Million To Leave After A Year

PLUS: ca’ Ching Marijuana Index- NFL Commissioner Goodell open to players using medical marijuana; GOOGbye Email Addresses, Phone Numbers; How to Get Everything You Need to Build a Great Company; Grocery stores push coupons to iPhones with iBeacons; Intel (and Nuance) Makes Computers Even More Like Humans; A great brand really does count for everything […]

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