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April 6, 2020 01:37

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NY Supreme Court rejects domain name conversion claim

Court denies conversion claim because it says domain names are not property. New York Supreme Court tosses out domain name dispute. The Supreme Court of the State of New York has denied (pdf) a claim one of Michael Gleissner’s companies brought against Network Solutions. Gleissner’s company NextEngine Ventures LLC said it bought the domain name […]

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5 Steps to More Effective Influencer Marketing Campaigns; Sling TV extends cloud DVR to iOS devices

Video Killed The TV Star; Mobile Marketing Strategy: Essential Guidelines To Drive Mobile Conversions; Reddit Looks to Lure Advertisers With Video and Redesign; 6 rituals that ancient wise men used to stay calm; Shake Shack Suffers From Lack of Loyalty Among Customers: Chart; How To Learn What Your Customers Really Want; OneAssist raises US$18M to […]

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Droner Arrested In NY; Shifting To New Domain Names; Fake Traffic Schemes

Building A Landing Page That Converts; “Yet for all its influence, Twitter, as a company, is in trouble. Big trouble.” The solution to climate change that has nothing to do with cars or coal; Yahoo is ditching a plan that caused turmoil within Tumblr; Craig Venter’s new longevity startup will make “100 the new 60”; […]

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PS. Still shaking my head over the Oscars! Can someone tell me  why a franchise that has 43 million eyeballs already attached to it is so excited over 2 million tweets except to placate advertiser Samsung which is false advertising because your selfies without the stars will never get so many tweets and nothing about the Samsung makes the selfies more successful than […]

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