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August 22, 2019 04:29

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Facebook just took away the last reason to watch TV; ‘Pokémon GO’ Tracks You & Surpasses Twitter

Booze Brands Rush to Snapchat While Contending With Age Risks; Five Steps To Evolve Your Approach To Digital Marketing; The Act Of Convergence: How Marketing And Technology Are Connecting The Dots; 5 Crucial Steps To Building A Personal Brand People Will Pay Attention To; Shaping Your Future Marketing Campaign with Social Media; Bacardi Names Swizz […]

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Dot-Com Party Madness; What Amazon’s doing right that Apple isn’t

How to Build a Marketing Dream Team; Soon No One Will Sell Fake Products. Here’s Why; The Test For Assessing Sales Aptitude; Big Oil and Climate Change: A ‘Tobacco’ Moment? Tesla plans massive expansion of supercharger network; Torchbearer’ CIOs cozy up with customers amid convergence; AI Hits the Mainstream and.. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says […]

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Changing of the Guard at Fox & TrueX Opens A Wide Door For Dot TV

“The real killer app in digital is actually TV,” he said at the conference” I’ve predicted it for 15 years: The Direct-to-Domain streaming programming that makes every domain name a broadcast station is here. I envisioned every IP title having its own dotCOM domain making it easy for search and monetization for perpetuity (sort of […]

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Hollywood Mogul Took Yahoo To The Dump and $450 Million To The Bank

“Everything of importance has been seen by someone who didn’t discover it,” said Einstein ….. …. which explains how former Yahoo CEO and x-Warner Brothers Hollywood Mogul of 24 years, Terry Semel, never saw the obvious that was hiding in plain sight. Nor was he any poorer for leading the company into the ditch: “In […]

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ShopCougarTown (.com): Why The Odds Are Stacked Against The Small Guy (& Why Naming Matters More)

I blogged about this trend last month, which follows the domain primer rule “take the browsing out of buying” when E launched its in show shopping segment.  Now Cable network TBS featured the retailer’s wares in a subplot during last night’s installment of the sitcom at 10 P.M. Eastern. Consumers synced with on a tablet, […]

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@CES Set Top Boxes, APPS and Addressable Ads Usher In End To Domain-Based Browsing

We’ve forewarning of the set top box (aka. the mot valuable digital real estate) for years. Now would be a good time to go back here and here and here and especially here to brush up on it. It’s because as data and technology become a more critical part of TV advertising, GroupM this week launches a buying […]

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