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August 21, 2018 00:34

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Buyer of Vacation.Rentals believes the days of high priced .com sales are coming to an end

Mike Kugler is the gentleman that purchased Vacation.Rentals for $500,300. Currently the highest reported new gtld sale. Yes has been touted as being sold for $1million. No confirmation by any source that industry participants rely on. A website by the name of did a Reddit style ask me anything with Mike. Some of […]

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Have your say on single-character .com domains

ICANN wants your opinion on its plan to allow Verisign to auction off, with a potential impact on the future release of other single-character .com domain names. The organization has published a proposed amendment to the .com registry contract and opened it for public comment. The changes would enable Verisign to sell, while […]

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ICANN moves forward with Verisign plan to auction domain name. Single letter .com domain names are very rare. They aren’t just limited to the 26 letters of the alphabet; there are just three. Verisign (NASDAQ:VRSN), the registry for .com, isn’t allowed to allocate any single letter .com domain names. Three .com domains were registered […]

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With the launch of .APP I think the value of .COM domains ending in “app” will decrease

Okay, I’ll start by making it very clear that this is only my opinion. Google is not a sponsor of my blog (although it would be pretty cool if they were!), nor am I someone that thinks .APP is a great investment as a Domainer. That being said, I have seen too many people over […]

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.com adds 5.5 million names, renewals back over 70%

Verisign reported first-quarter financial results that reflected a healthier .com namespace following the spike caused by Chinese speculation in 2016. The company Friday reported that .com was up to 133.9 million domains at the end of March, an increase of 5.5 million over the year. The strong showing was tempered slightly by a further decline […]

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How do .IO domain prices compare to .COM?

Recently I was talking with another startup founder about domains (yes this happens quite a bit) and she asked a really good question – how do .IO prices compare to .COM. I didn’t have a great answer so thought I would do a little bit of research and find some comparable sales. Here’s a few […]

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VeriSign’s domain base grew by 1.91 million names last quarter

Historically strong Q1 delivers for Verisign. VeriSign (NASDAQ:VRSN) reported first quarter 2018 earnings after the bell yesterday. The base of .com and .net domain names grew by 1.91 million during the quarter and 9.6 million new .com and .net domains were registered. This comes in toward the high end of Verisign’s predicted range of 1.5 […]

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Child abuse becoming big problem for new gTLDs

There were 3,791 domain names used to host child sexual abuse imagery in 2017, up 57%, according to the latest annual report from the Internet Watch Foundation. While .com was the by far the worst TLD for such material in terms of URLs, over a quarter of the domains were registered in new gTLDs. Abuse […]

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Why people invest in 6-number domain names

Today: All the TLDs listed with launch dates / Sold for $29,888 / Are all TLDs created equal? My thoughts / And more! Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today: Buying 2 word & 3-word .coms – Be sure to check your portfolio to see if you have […]

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How being greedy lost a domain sale

Today: If you can’t spell your own domain correctly, was it a bad investment? / Parking strategies / The best places to sell domains / And more! Here are the new discussions that caught my eye in the domain community today: Is outbound dead? – Are you having the same bad luck results that this domain […]

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