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February 21, 2020 05:29

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Nominet to charge brands for no-name Whois access

Nominet has become the second major registry to announce that trademark lawyers will have to pay for Whois after the EU General Data Protection Regulation comes into effect next month. The company said late last week that it will offer the intellectual property community two tiers of Whois access. First, they can pay for a […]

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CoCCA to charge trademark owners for Whois access

CoCCA has become the first domain registry to publicly announce that it will charge trademark owners for access to Whois records. The company said it plans to release an updated version of its software and registry service, containing a range of features for ensuring General Data Protection Regulation compliance, on April 20. The public Whois […]

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.AI domain name moves to CoCCA, which should spur adoption

EPP automates many .AI transactions people take for granted with other domains. Anguilla’s country code domain name .AI has become popular in recent years thanks to artificial intelligence companies. Now the domain has a bit of intelligence itself. The domain name registry has moved to the Council of Country Code Administrators (CoCCA) platform, which means […]

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