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April 3, 2020 17:18

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Another company with two word .com moves to one word .co

Patch Homes is a home equity finance startup, that is now changing it’s name to Noah. They are going to be doing business on as another two word .com moves to .co. (source) A couple weeks ago I wrote about GradeSlam (.org) rebranding to A week after, moved to the shorter, […]

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GradeSlam raises $7.5 million rebrands to

So put out a press release today and announced funding and a new name. They are moving from a .org to a .co. They are a Canadian company. MONTREAL, March 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — GradeSlam, the education company founded by McGill University graduates Philip Cutler and Roberto Cipriani, announced today that it has raised 7.5 […]

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Is the .co rebid biased toward Afilias? Yeah, kinda

The Colombian government has come under fire for opening up the .co registry contract for rebid in a way that seems predetermined to pick Afilias as the winner, displacing its fierce rival Neustar. As I blogged in November, Colombia thinks it might be able to secure a better registry deal, so it plans to shortly […]

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Playbuzz rebrands to

Another startup moving from .com to .co Following in the footsteps of, Playbuzz a company that helps publishers add tools to their articles like polls is rebranding to TechCrunch reported: Co-founder and CEO Tom Pachys told me the name stands for “the experience company,” and he said it reflects the company’s broader content […]

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Documentary Showcases Future Internet Moguls Growing Big Ideas On .CO Domain

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), the world’s largest celebration of entrepreneurship, kicks off today – and so too does the latest .CO annual worldwide campaign in support of GEW and the creators, innovators and entrepreneurs who hustle hard every day to bring their big ideas and dreams to life.     From November 18th through the 24th, GEW will touch […]

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Neustar’s .co contract up for grabs

Colombia is looking for a registry operator for its .co ccTLD. If you’re interested, and you’re reading this before noon on Wednesday November 6 and you’re at ICANN 66 in Montreal, hightail it to room 514A for a presentation from the Colombian government that will be more informative than this blog post. Hurry! Come on! […]

Read more gets $300,000 deal on Shark Tank

So back on October 16, Patrick Coddou announced his company was making the move from to The back and forth on Twitter was interesting, sometimes funny, along with those who just made a plug to pitch their own services. Coddou also called out the “Domain Bros” and called Shane Cultra an idiot. Shane […]

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.tech gTLD startups “raise $2 billion”

Tech startups using domain names in the .tech gTLD have raised $2 billion in venture capital financing over the last two years, according to Radix. The registry looked at startups listed on Crunchbase as of June and found 650 companies using .tech domains. Of these, 170 of them had raised $2 billion in funding. About […]

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Marketing campaign for .CO #domains won two Summit International Awards

Big news from Down Under and dot .CO domains. The Australian integrated marketing campaign for .CO domain names,  has been recognized with two prizes in the 2018 Summit International Awards. Encompassing digital, social, out of home and more, the .CO campaign resulted in increased sales, as well as increased consumer engagement and awareness. The two […]

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.Co to rev up premium domain model in September

More .co domains will be sold at a premium through the domain name registrar channel. Neustar, the company that operates the .Co domain name, is drastically expanding its premium domain name program starting September 1. .Co launched premium domain name sales through the registrar channel back in August 2015 on a very limited basis. Three […]

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