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February 22, 2020 19:02

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Is the .co rebid biased toward Afilias? Yeah, kinda

The Colombian government has come under fire for opening up the .co registry contract for rebid in a way that seems predetermined to pick Afilias as the winner, displacing its fierce rival Neustar. As I blogged in November, Colombia thinks it might be able to secure a better registry deal, so it plans to shortly […]

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Overseeing the overseer: Can ICANN be trusted?

With NetMundial – the global meeting on the future of Internet Governance – kicking off in Brazil today, a question, aimed at ICANN emerges: “Can the overseers be trusted with overseeing the Internet, should the US government hand over control?” Political pressure is building up, according to Peter Roff, former Senior Political Writer for UPI. […]

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Neustar pays $109 million for .CO Internet

Four years after relaunching the Colombian ccTLD .co as a global top-level domain, .CO Internet has been acquired by its long-time partner Neustar for $109 million. The .co registry will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Neustrar, which already runs .biz and .us, following the close of the deal. .CO recorded revenue of $21 million in […]

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