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November 12, 2019 10:46

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Election domains become worthless today

Clinton domain names? Those were so yesterday. Well, the election is over. Now the value of many election-related domain names has gone to zero. Certainly, domain names that have to do with Hillary Clinton’s run for the White House have no value now. As for the Trump ones, it really depends on if they refer […]

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Payday Loan Group Slapped With Record $1.3B Fine for 700 Percent Lending Rates

Wall Street- Trump / Clinton: What Not to Buy; Branding Once Meant Logos. Today, It Means AI; The 1 Thing Your LinkedIn Photo Must Have to Get Noticed; 10 tricks to make your photos look as stunning as the ‘shot on iPhone’ ads; A former insider says Marissa Mayer kept secrets from Yahoo’s security team […]

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What Makes a Marriage Work? Neither Trump Nor Clinton Is Addressing The Biggest Challenge To Jobs: Automation; The Best CV I’ve Ever seen!

Meg Whitman, Peter Thiel and the CEO’s dilemma: Is it wise to pick sides in an election? Sites Spying on You in Weird New Ways, Princeton Study Exposes; LinkedIn posts a huge second quarter that really doesn’t matter; Figuring Out How IT, Analytics, and Operations Should Work Together; Here’s What Really Happened When Facebook Set […]

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Your Tax Dollars At Work: Clinton Department Of State Email’s Shows Interest In A Domain

One of the unclassified emails from the Hillary Clinton fiasco shows she or someone at the Department of State had an interest in a domain name around the term “World We Want” but seemed to pass on buying the bang on domain which was priced at the time a whopping $1,195 at The Memo […]

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Feel The Bern? The Domain Is For Sale; We Chat With The Owner

Yesterday Bernie Sanders won the first Democratic primary of the 2016 election beating Hillary Clinton by over 20%. What has become the rally phrase for Mr. Sanders supporters is “Feel the Bern”. I reached out to the owner of the domain name last night who confirmed the domain name was for sale, which was […]

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