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March 30, 2020 16:14

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Apple Is Going Head to Head with iHeart Music Festival With Apple Music Fest: Domain Regs Say So

Apple Inc. has registered 11 new domain names relating to a music festival and also announced on September 18, 2015 the rebranding of iTunes Music Festival to Apple Music Festival. iHeart Music Festival starts September 18, 2015 and Apple Music Festival starts on September 19th!

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ME TV (.com) Funny! and.. The Apple/IBM Deal is About Tim Cook’s Legacy

PLUS: More on Earths Expiration date— BP’s Latest Estimate Says World’s Oil Will Last 53.3 Years; Clear Channel Brings Outdoor Ads to Life On Smartphones; Are Office Politics Destroying Your Career? Home Prices over 30 Years [INFOGRAPHIC]; 5 Reasons Why You Need Job Descriptions; MeTV Network – Unscramble Me; Germany to Consider Typewriters to Protect […]

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