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January 26, 2020 03:22

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The Turakhia Brothers Now Worth $1.4 Billion; Is Held for Ransom

While the Turakhia Brothers thrive, Nearly 800 Other Dead or Dying Startups a Sign of India’s Dot-Com Bust; Finally, an ad tech IPO! Boston burger chain accuses Chipotle of ripping off name and logo; Including any of these email closing lines will destroy your chances of a response; The Porn Business Isn’t Anything Like You […]

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Chipotle HR : Corporate jobs domain was never owned by the company!

When you are a rather large employer in the food industry, you’d better take care of your domain assets. In the case of Chipotle, they never owned the domain And yet, the domain was extensively used by the company, to communicate with potential job applicants. The company was even pointing people interested in getting […]

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Trump ??? — "Yahoo Should Be Euthanized, and Marissa Mayer Is the Most Overpaid CEO"

Why Pop Stars are just ’sex workers’; Google Wanted To Invest In Uber So Badly, It Gave CEO Travis Kalanick A Blank Term Sheet; Rebranding? Don’t Overlook the “Little Things” That Really Matter; Chipotle Will Interview 60,000 Job Seekers Today—and It Won’t Take Long; Following Fogle Fiasco, Subway Piles on the Baloney; Uber gives Carnegie Mellon […]

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