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June 25, 2019 10:24

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#Chinese domain spammer wants to use #Sedo to complete sale!

Chinese domain spammers email the owners of the most popular TLDs, such as .com, .net and .org, peddling the matching dot .CN. What would someone do with a .CN domain, when they have no business presence in China, is beyond perplexing. These phucksticks send out a templated email that attempts to instill legitimacy, by quoting […]

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Domain fail : Is a Chinese restaurant in London?

We recently covered the spamming activity of, for which they have yet to send an apology email. In Chinese, “yumi” means corn, a popular cooking element in China. It seems that the domain parking provider from China are not the only ones using “” for their brand. How is it possible? A Chinese restaurant […]

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Chinese spammer offers $150 per premium LLLL .com

Domain spam that originates in China can be quite annoying, as the “Chips” game spread globally during the past 18 months. Direct inquiries about a particular domain are generally ok, but robo-spamming the entire AAAA-ZZZZ sequence is not cool at all. One such Chinese spammer sends the following email, translated: “Hello your four-letter com 1000 […]

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Who is the Chinese spammer that emails every LLLL .com owner?

If you own LLLL .com domains, this isn’t news to you: a Chinese spammer has been sending out email offers for every LLLL .com permutation there is. That’s thousands of spam emails, non stop. Hiding behind QQ number accounts and temporary domains, the spammer offers between 1600 to 1800 yuan for every domain. That’s the […]

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