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June 25, 2019 09:48

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RIP : Chinese LLLL .CN #domain slaughterhouse

It’s not only the LLLL .com “Chinese premium” domain market that has crashed, but its .CN counterpart as well. Even though the LLLL .com market peaked years ago, the Chinese domain traders continued to move money into LLLL .CN, perhaps in an effort to replicate the international success of “Chinese chips” in the .COM TLD. […]

Read more : Premium two letter #domain sold via

The ultra-premium, two letter domain has been sold, and the transaction took place via the Concierge service. Registered in 1990, was in the hands of Chinese domain investors for several years, and it was brokered for sale, according to this capture via DomainTools: The new owners are located in Hong Kong, and […]

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ZB .com : Multi-million dollar #domain used as #crypto exchange platform

Two letter .com domains can fetch millions of dollars, and consists of letters that are of exceptional grade to the Chinese. Canadian domain investor, George Kirikos, keeps track of the percentage of LL .com domains in the hands of Chinese registrants; meanwhile, US-based registrants own 338 LL .com domains, or exactly 50% of all […]

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Domain flippers? Chinese domainers upset over Rick Schwartz’s statement

A group of Chinese domainers from the Guangzhou province in China are upset with Rick Schwartz. The reason: The Domain King’s recent statement about exclusive traders of numeric, or letter domains not really being “domainers.” Said Rick via Twitter earlier today: Not all #Domainers are really Domainers. Those that focus ONLY on number #Domains or […]

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Two letter domain lands on China’s shores after 31 years

Two letter .com domain,, has changed hands and is now in the possession of a Chinese registrant. Previously owned by Ultimate Bet poker, this LL .com domain is one of the oldest in existence, with a registration date in 1986. It’s very rare to see such an old two letter .com domain, or old […]

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Chinese domain market report : No more VPN access in China

The Chinese government wants its citizens to play nice, and refrain from using virtual private networks (VPN) to access forbidden content. VPNs allow the bypassing of China’s “Great Firewall” aimed at restricting access to overseas web sites. With that in mind, Apple was ordered to remove VPN apps from its store, and the 15th biggest […]

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New six percent tax in China : Domains are now “intangible assets”

On July 1st, China introduced a 6% tax levy on domain names, and this is good news. Some might wonder, how would an act of “Communist Capitalism” such as this be “good news” for the Chinese domain investors? Very simple. According to this chart sheet in Chinese, domain name sales are categorized as “Sales of […]

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Two letter domains : sold to the Chinese

Another day, another premium two letter .com domain headed to China. moved away from Hecker Law and into the hands of one of China’s biggest investors of such domains, Domain investor, George Kirikos, noticed the change and remarked about the latest stats involving LL .com domains: “By my count, Chinese registrants own 166 […]

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Chinese domain investors : 1 billion accounts leaked on the Dark Web

Domain investors from China should perform a thorough change of passwords across their social media accounts without delay. Details of more than 1 billion accounts from large Chinese service providers have been packaged and are being resold on the so-called “Dark Web,” an underground group of sites operating on the Tor network. According to a […]

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Chinese domain market report : Want to start a business venture in China?

China is the world’s 2nd largest economy, thanks to its vigorous implementation of Communist Capitalism and its unique financial model. The government decides which ventures are hot, and offers subsidies to start-ups that meet its criteria. Government officials are creating investment funds, providing cash subsidies and building incubators for thousands of Chinese companies in the […]

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