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November 12, 2019 10:46

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Ready For Startup Success? Why your ‘Social marketing’ and ‘Social Selling’ programs are failing

Apple saves iPhone call history to iCloud, but barely mentions it; Apple is still thinking about replacing ‘everything in your wallet’ Dear Mr. Trump, I’m the Man Who Makes Your IPhone; How to Gauge a C.E.O.’s Value? Hint: It’s Not the Share Price; With LinkedIn, Microsoft Looks to Avoid Past Acquisition Busts; Should DRTV Be […]

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Apple Sells Its Billionth iPhone and Buys Its Billionth iPhone Name License From Cisco (World’s Most EXPENSIVE Name Ever!)

Facebook Rides Video to More Than $6 Billion in Ad Sales; How Do You Start Innovation with an Idea, like Airbnb?; Sponsored content is turning publishers into full-service agencies; 3 Things You Need To Stand Out In Content Marketing; Should You Tell The Boss You’re Looking For Another Job? Are top CEOs worth their eye-popping […]

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In an Age of Privilege, Not Everyone Is in the Same Boat; CEOs Borrowing To Pay Themselves

Yes it’s true corporate sponsored dick snaps- Rick Schwartz prediction comes true!  SWIFT warns customers of multiple cyber fraud cases; The Internet has caught on to politicians and the domain ignorant; Danger in the cockpit: FAA records show pilots fly drunk, engage in criminal activity; Why Facebook could one day be worth $1 trillion (worth […]

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No Prior Approval Needed: Branson Announces Unlimited Vacation Policy for Virgins

Brokers anticipate Chinese buying surge; How The Blogger Alienated An Entire Industry; The Art of Fast Failure; Why Every Website Redesign Looks the Same; The Secret of Local Marketing in a World of Mobile Payments; Twitter to Coax Marketers Into Spending; Who Owns Analytics at Your Company? … and CEOs Get Paid Too Much, According to […]

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Holographic TVs Are Getting Closer To Reality; Mark Zuckerberg ‘Marches" in Gay Pride Parade; The Ultimate Sign It’s Time to Leave Your Job

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook employees celebrated the San Francisco LGBT pride parade from a decorated trolley today, as tech companies across the country very visibly supported equal rights. PLUS.. Why Americans Are Eating Fewer Hot Dogs; An Unstoppable Climb in C.E.O. Pay and new methods for producing color holographic video are here, and they could […]

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