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August 24, 2019 21:53

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Zimbabwe wants to rebuild its domain market from scratch

Zimbabwe has put out a call for feedback on plans to modernize its almost non-existent domain name industry. The local ccTLD manager, Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ), has issued a consultation document discussing plans to essentially architect the .zw market from scratch. .zw currently has no automated registration process, no Whois, no […]

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Luxembourg tops 100,000 .lu domains

Luxembourgish ccTLD .lu has grown to more than 100,000 domain names for the first time. ccTLD operator Restena said last week that the domain crossed the threshold June 21. At the end of the month, it had 100,056 domains under management. While it’s certainly not a lot for a ccTLD, it is when compared to […]

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China domain smaller than expected

The Chinese national ccTLD registry has reported 2018 registration figures below what outsiders had estimated. CNNIC said last week (in Chinese) that it ended last year with 21.24 million .cn domain names under management. That’s quite a lot below the 22.7 million domains reported by Verisign’s Q4 Domain Name Industry Brief (pdf). It would also […]

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UN ruling may put .io domains at risk

The future of .io domains may have been cast into doubt, following a ruling from the UN’s highest court. The International Court of Justice this afternoon ruled (pdf) by a 13-1 majority that “the United Kingdom is under an obligation to bring to an end its administration of the Chagos Archipelago as rapidly as possible”. […]

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Right of the colon? IDN getting killed over dot confusion

An internationalized domain name ccTLD is reportedly getting buried because of a confusion about how many dots should appear. Armenia’s .հայ (.xn--y9a3aq) today has fewer than 300 registered domains, well under 1% of the volume enjoyed by the Latin-script .am, apparently due to a unique quirk of the Armenian language. According to a report in […]

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Brexit blamed as .eu hits six-year low

EURid’s .eu top-level domain has hit a six-year low in terms of total registrations, and Brexit is to blame. The registry has just announced that it had 3,684,750 domains under management at the end of 2018, down 63,129 domains compared to the 3,747,879 it had at the end of September. That’s the lowest end-of-quarter number […]

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Nazis rejoice! A TLD for you could be coming soon

The domain name system could soon get its first new standard country-code domain for eight years. This weekend, ICANN’s board of directors is set to vote on whether to allow the delegation of a ccTLD for the relatively new nation of South Sudan. The string would be .ss. It would be the first Latin-script ccTLD […]

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Hebrew .com off to a slow start

The Hebrew transliteration of .com has only sold a couple hundred domains since it went into general availability. Verisign took the new gTLD קום. (Hebrew is a right-to-left script, so the dot comes after the string) to market November 5, when it had about 3,200 domains in its zone file. It now stands around the […]

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Incel hate site jumps to Iceland after doMEn suspends .me domain, a web forum that hosts misogynist rants by “involuntarily celibate” men, has found a new home after .me registry doMEn suspended its domain. The web site has reappeared, apparently unscathed, under Iceland’s .is domain, at doMEn said in a blog post yesterday that it had suspended at the registry level due to […]

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The 25th highest .de sale of all time took place on Wednesday. sold on Sedo for $138,443. Currently the domain does not resolve to a website. Here is the top 25 courtesy of Namebio 1,169,175 USD 2008-12-02 Sedo 957,937 USD 2007-07-24 NICIT/DOMAINfest 725,000 USD 2011-08-03 Sedo 625,060 USD 2008-03-19 Private […]

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