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December 16, 2019 05:11

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Rick Schwartz takes a surprise trip to the Caymans!

Rick Schwartz donned his “Make America Great Again” hat and took a trip to the Caymans. The surprise visit of the Domain King at the Uniregistry headquarters was shared by Frank Schilling. The two men took an impromptu selfie that was shared on Twitter, where Frank mentioned the following: “The King came to Mecca today. […]

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What time is it at Uniregistry?

Domain investors eager to sell domain names via the Uniregistry Market, often require phone support. Uniregistry doubles as a Registry and Registrar, and that triple function extends its role as a domain aftermarket. So what time is it at Uniregistry, when you’re in various parts of the world? Domain brokers work out of the Caymans, […]

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Sahar Sarid : Deep diving for domain pearls

Don’t let Sahar Sarid‘s calm demeanor and smiling face fool you; there is an underlying energy and constructive furor behind the surface. The domain entrepreneur from Israel is working on several smoking hot projects, and we’re not referring to the successful eJuice vape portal but to bigger, deeper ventures. These days, Sarid dives deep into […]

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GoDaddy buys data center in the Cayman Islands

GoDaddy is gearing up for a future face-off with Google; the numero uno domain registrar in the world wants to ensure it remains at the top of the list. The recent acquisition of a high tech data center in the Cayman Islands is a significant indication that GoDaddy plans to move a large part of […]

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Local Cayman model selected for Uniregistry .sexy gTLD video!

Less than 24 hours after the release of the .tattoo video and the launch of by Uniregistry, there is breaking news on the next upcoming gTLD, dot .sexy. “We searched not too far from the Cayman beach for the perfect model to showcase .sexy,” said Frank Schilling, casually massaging his foot, as he did […]

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