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October 17, 2019 16:09

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Catalonia crisis : Will the future newest nation receive an ISO 3166 ccTLD?

Catalonia is on the verge of a heated schism with Spain; the land where Barcelona controls a great size of the Spanish economy, ran a referendum for independence, on October 1st. The results were overwhelmingly in support of independence from Spain, despite efforts of the Spanish authorities to take down .CAT domains promoting the event. […]

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Catalonia : Dot .CAT domain foundation issues statement on Spanish police raid

Fundació puntCAT, the dot .CAT domain registry, has just issued a statement on today’s arrest of its director, Pep Masoliver, by the Spanish police: The Fundació puntCAT wants to express its utmost condemnation, indignation and reprobation for the actions that it has been suffering lately with successive judicial mandates, searches and finally the arrest of […]

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