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February 29, 2020 00:51

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Seven with #Sedo : GreatDomains auction offers several two-letter #domain names!

GreatDomains is a 7-day long auction by Sedo, our premium sponsor, from February 20-27, featuring an eclectic selection of domain names. These domains on auction are carefully curated, and this time around we have more than 100 domains included on the list. The Sedo GreatDomains auction takes place every other month. This time around Sedo […]

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Domain Carnival time, Sedo style!

It’s Carnival time in Europe, and the Sedo crew is celebrating in style! Dressed up in a variety of fun costumes, munching delectable buffet delicacies and gulping down fine German beer, the folks at Cologne are having a great time. Here is a small collection of photos, from the Sedo Carnival party! 😀 Copyright DomainGang

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IT Wasn’t Created to be used to Reduce the Cost of IT; The Future of Work

Pets on Pot: The Newest Customer Base for Medical Marijuana; Pew: younger people actually prefer reading the news to watching it; Altucher: I stopped sleeping for fifteen years the first day I left my full-time job to go to my own business; Would You Buy Yahoo For $4.8 Billion? How ‘Bout $3.8 Billion?Apple Enters the […]

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