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December 10, 2019 03:13

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Meet A Smart Domainer: Mike Mann; Connecting Dots (or collecting dot coms)

Google. BMW. Canon. Microsoft: A mid-year analysis of .brand progress; Your Hashtag Campaign Is Pointless And Won’t Work. Here’s Why; Intelligent people tend to be messy, stay awake longer, and swear more; RIP ROI: Time-To-Market is the New Indicator of Success; Subway’s Clean Slate: Eating Even Fresher and Using a New Logo and.. The Simple […]

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Domains NOT to register: CanonUSA .camera

Domainers don’t differ much from other consumers, and as such some get inspiration from existing products, services and corporate names. Alas, this approach is the surest path to generating infringing domain registrations. Trademark violations in domain registrations are common, and while some are unintentional due to the broad use of some words, others are downright […]

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Never again : Canon campaign goes viral on a Frank Schilling domain

A new advertising campaign by Canon addresses the subject of printing out digital assets. The Canon PIXMA printer campaign is labeled “Never Again“, and it features a series of funny videos depicting disaster that came as a result of relying on digital versions of documents. The videos are becoming viral on social media, with the […]

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