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December 15, 2018 00:07

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Frank Schilling’s domain investing advice from a year ago is worth listening to again

A year ago Frank recorded a twenty minute video on You Tube sharing domain investment tips. It’s had north of 6,000 views since then so I’m guessing that many of my readers saw it, that being said I’m sure there are plenty who haven’t. Either way it’s worth watching it, either for the first time […]

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Where can you sell domains and get paid in Bitcoin?

I recently wrote an article about Bitcoin getting close to crossing the $10,000 mark (which it did). This post spurred a good amount of comments, one of them which asked a question that I’m personally interested in that I’m sure many of my readers are too. Here’s the question from a reader named Anthony: […]

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5 Black Friday Deals For Anyone With Domains On The Brain

A couple of days ago I wrote about how over the years Black Friday/Cyber Monday has been my time to lock in great deals on domain renewals. On top of great renewal offers Black Friday is also a great time to register new names, start or renew hosting packages, get SSL certificates, and the list […]

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Three non .COM sales that caught my eye this month

I always enjoy looking at sales data and trying to understand how the dynamics of the domain name world are changing over time. It wasn’t that long ago that if the .COM was taken, you’d have .NET or .ORG – today there are so many more options it’s really hard to know which is the […]

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Domains for Startups – Nov 17th, 2017: Five names up for auction that I think startups will dig

There have been some truly stellar domain sales with both one and two-word .COMs taking the cake when it comes to value. It’s also pretty well known that many of the top sales you read about on places like DNJournal, often started as a smart buy some time ago. While people often say “all the […]

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A (relatively) overlooked data point when looking at domain name sales

When I first started buying and selling domain names I used the current top domain sales as my inspiration. I saw some nice two-word .COMs that were selling in the five figure range and went to town. Of course I quickly learned that I had bought a bunch of junk, it wasn’t just all one-word […]

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Now that’s a serious brand upgrade – Dapulse changes its name to

Dapulse is a startup that makes some pretty slick collaboration/communication tools for teams, they’ve raised over $34M and are trusted by companies like the Discovery Channel, Uber, and Adidas. But let’s pause for a second…what the heck does Dapulse mean? If you’re scratching your head trying to piece together some logic behind the name, you’re […]

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After raising over $67M eShares fails to secure the .COM and rebrands to Carta

In all honesty I’m pretty shocked about this one. If you haven’t heard of eShares let me drop a little knowledge before we continue since we’ve been a customer for years and I really like what they do. eShares (errr, Carta) allows startups to easily manage and grant equity all through a super slick, easy […]

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I’m someone that has always paid attention to things in the domain industry that I think go against the norm. Those little opportunities that oftentimes don’t pan out, but pay big when they do. Of course I haven’t made millions chasing these niche opportunities so I’m not telling you that you should, but I am […]

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What is a Domainer? And how many people think they are one when they really aren’t

I was talking with a friend yesterday, he only knows me as a startup founder, but the conversation moved to domain names and domain investing, he has no idea I have a blog or that I’ve been buying and selling domain names for the last ten years. His initial response was, “wait – so you’ve […]

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