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June 25, 2019 09:29

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JEB! Launches Without….. (well you know)

This is a rare case where his first name is the initials for his full name John Ellis “Jeb” Bush — parents might want to think about such LLL branding when naming future children but it will cost them dearly if available from the Chinese. A shame. Noticed the same logo from his Gubernatorial campaign […]

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RIP Michael C. Rupert: Truth Teller, Sherpa and A Great Loss To The World

IN MEMORIAM MICHAEL C. RUPPERT, February 3, 1951–April 13, 2014.  Today, we lost an incredibly intelligent, passionate and brave man. Michael Ruppert was a true warrior in defense of the planet. Mike’s writings, and the film (Collapse) made about him, brought awareness to a lot of people. For that, and for his fierce determination to […]

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Tim Cook to Climate Change Deniers: Get Out of Apple Stock

PLUS: Google Adds Restaurant Menus To Search Results; How The Bush Family Dynasty Became America’s First Family Of Finance; Change: Reebok Logo Indicates Shift From Pros to Crossfit; “It was like an Star Trek episode,” said the patient. Amazing; Embracing the Internet to Elevate Your Business Owen Frager “It was like an Star Trek episode,” […]

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