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June 25, 2019 10:09

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Went In For A Hair Styling, Came Out With $7 Million Cash; Periscope Now Has 10 Million Accounts, Streams 350,000 Hours A Day

Bruce Turkel: What’s In A Name? Should Lawyers Buy .law Domains? This Robot Builds Other Robots, Learns From Failures, Builds Better Robots; How Complaining at Work Can Ruin Your Career; Alibaba Growth Slows as China Economy Cools; Buyback Planned; Advertisers want your attention, but how do they know they have it?  What Building An App […]

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Silver, Carter, Turkel, Schwartz and Advertising GEO Icon Bruce Turkel: Don’t You Want To Be A Blogger Too?

Once upon a time Owen Frager was among the first in the blogging game and I used Rick’s board and private lessons to show and encourage others how to do it too. I am very proud of my early students. Many have achieved more fame, passion, audience size and retention, and more financial gains I […]

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