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October 18, 2019 23:16

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Just married : Greek domainer on top of the world!

Mike Bahlitzanakis is on top of the world; the Brooklyn-born domainer has a huge reason to celebrate his Greek heritage with a vociferous “Opa!” This past weekend, Mike and his fiancée Maria became husband and wife, tying the proverbial knot after a lengthy courtship. The young couple has plans to go on a trip to […]

Read more : Big win for UDRP Respondent and coffee lovers

In November we covered the UDRP case for the domain; the case was defended by ESQwire, and the Complainant lost. At the time, another UDRP was pending, and it has now been decided. was challenged at the WIPO, and the same complainant targeted the owners of this 8 year old domain. The Respondent […]

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Little Rooster Gives Women A "BUZZ" Between The Legs; BitCoin Bust

PLUS: The Death Of Expertise; 7 Modern Day Ways To Leave A Lasting Impression; Why Brooklyn (and .CO) Is The New Mecca For Fledgling Tech Startups; Uber rival accuses car service of dirty tactics; Pre-paying $250,000 for a Lifetime of Customer.. Playboy lights up a new e-commerce site selling electronic cigarettes and hookahs and… […]

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