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June 17, 2019 08:56

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Head Scratcher! is Changing its Name to Dotdash (Logo Reads .DASH)

This Is Why Your Startup Will Fail; Bitcoin jumps to a record, nears $1,500 on a spike in demand from Japan; McDonald’s Frork May be The Greatest Fast Food Invention of All Time; The Man Who Studied 1,000 Deaths to Learn How to Live; This Is Why Gen Z Isn’t Into Drink or Drugs; Amid […]

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China’s ‘naked loans’ force female students to bare all in return for more cash

Bacardi Faces Spirited Battle Over Rum Trademark; tries to bring that live TV thrill to online video; Here’s What Happened To All 53 of Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo Acquisitions; Your Job Owes You More Than A Paycheck; Why Content Marketing Works and What Can Help You Do It Right; Stores Are Not Dead — But […]

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Bitcoin Under Siege; I Gave Away a Kidney. Would You Sell One?

Bitcoin is a hard sell for people accustomed to old-fashioned cash or credit. The digital currency can’t shake the image that it’s unstable, unproven and largely an experiment. PLUS… When Leaders Cheat, Companies Lose; 16 Depressing Photos Of America’s Latest ‘Dead’ Shopping Mall; Bing Beats Google With Bitcoin Conversion Tool; Facebook’s Hiring Surprise Owen Frager

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Are Shopping Malls Vanishing? Show Me Your .Horse And I Will Show You Mine

PLUS: Facebook Removes Weather and HAARP Pages Totaling Tens of Thousands; How to Keep Customers Focused on Your Website; Fired? Stuck? Bored? – There’s Hope 192 Reasons for Happiness!; Owen Frager Like Comment Share 22s ago Owen Frager How to Keep Customers Focused on Your Website Research shows that the Internet has diminished readers’

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