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August 25, 2019 03:27

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ICANN 56 on Brexit : Multi-steakeholder model must go on

ICANN technocrats moved in fast on Monday, to prevent any further manifestation of a domino effect caused by Brexit, from Helsinki, Finland where ICANN56 takes place. The TLD and gTLD global managers announced their commitment to the multi-steakeholder model, regardless of Britain’s decision to depart from the organization. “We remain committed to the global provisions […]

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“We made $40 per acre off wheat, but I saw Canadian farmers pulling in $300 per acre from hemp, and it blew me away,”

Did Brexit win because of Branding? Intel Tells Stories That Go Beyond Chips; Sometimes Even A Breakthrough Discovery Is Not Enough, You Also Need The Strength To See It Through; Job searching: While the actual day-to-day differences in responsibilities could be small, these keyword variations may translate into a significant salary increase; It can cost […]

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Brexit domains : Valuable, or a waste of money?

A British referendum led to a surprising 52% of Britons casting vote in favor of a “Brexit” from the European Union. Whether this was a smart move, or a grave mistake remains to be seen. For now, the interest has spread into the domain name sphere, with the owner of seeking to sell his […]

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Chinese domain market report : China is the big winner of Brexit

China is the 2nd largest economy in the world, and a direct winner of the shocking Brexit. How so? In the past, the European Union failed to pressure China into submission, and any attempts to engage China as an equal financial partner became a fragmented attempt by individual European nations. With the departure of Britain […]

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Brexit : Donuts offers to buy Britain’s domain assets for $70 million dollars!

Following the devastating domino effect of Brexit, all British assets are currently valued at millennium-old lows. Seizing this opportunity, Donuts, Inc. has apparently placed a sizable offer to buy Britain’s ccTLD for the sum of $70 million USD. Donuts, Inc. CEO, Paul Stahura, sent a letter to the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, this morning, […]

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It’s over, it’s done: Britain voted itself out of the European Union, after 43 years as a member. The so-called “Brexit” won’t happen overnight, and the next two years will bring many changes in the political scene in the UK, and Europe. Is it too late to sell the domains and Their owner […]

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Brexit : Britain out of the EU – What this means for British domainers

My goodness me! The advocates of Britain’s exit from the European Union have finally gotten their wish. According to the referendum that took place yesterday across the UK, approximately 52% of the vote is in favor of leaving the European Union, which Great Britain joined in 1973. Sadly, Britain’s departure will affect the economy in […]

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Chinese domain market report : Is China going back to Bitcoin?

After the massive stock market crash that occurred in China last summer, Chinese investors rushed to stash their money in different investment vessels. Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency designed to establish secure, signed transactions, became very popular in China. Chinese investors proceeded to tackle domain names next, moving into the numeric and short domain namespace in droves. […]

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Rickrolled : Brexit voters flocking to

A British multi-million political campaign urging for the exit of Great Britain from the European Union has failed to register the matching .com domain. The official Vote Leave campaign operates from, and a serial prankster duly registered Mario Van Poppel is a Belgian who pointed the domain to a Rick Astley clip singing […]

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