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September 19, 2019 02:01

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What Bitcoin Is Really Worth May No Longer Be Such a Mystery

Today: Branding, Happiness, Career,  Bitcoin,32-day world week, College students, Cannabis jobs, Investments How To Improve Brand Marketing Stay Busy. Stay Healthy. Stay Happy Reinvigorate Your Career by Taking the Right Kind of Risk Why Bitcoin Is Going To Be Different This Time and … You’re not an asshole for saying no. Research Says A

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3 Reasons To Avoid Descriptive Names For Your New Brand; Should You Choose An Abbreviated Name Like IBM, HP Or BMW?

6 types of successful (or not) brand names; Anonymous trader buys $400 million in bitcoin; Cryptocurrencies ‘could drop to near-zero at any time,’ Ethereum founder warns; If You Love Google, Maybe You Should Hope It Gets Sued; Your Neighbor Dislikes Your Dog. And Now That’s Your Problem; The Utter Uselessness of Job Interviews; No waiting […]

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Are Domainer Invites from Legit?

Here lately, my inbox has been inundated with emails referencing wanting to send me, rather my company, business if I would click a link and join As I would soon come to learn, is a small business networking website acting as a path to customer referrals, recommendations, and local business insights. I ignored […]

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Yes, a domain name can actually make or break your business

I was really happy to see an article that went live on on Monday about a subject near and dear to my (and many of my readers) heart – the real impact a domain name can have on your business. Sometimes when I get lowball offers on my domains, the prospective buyer says something […]

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Did you know you could buy a domain name for $1M and not be able to legally use it?

  It might sound crazy, but it’s true. You can buy a domain name for a million dollars (or more) and not be able to use the domain, or even worse, lose the domain because you are infringing on someone’s trademark. It’s something that many startups don’t think about until it’s too late, but the […]

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Reshaping The Future Of The Internet: Welcome To The World Dot Neustar

I wanted to share some exciting news about the revamp of the Neustar global website that embraces their .neustar brand TLD. All of Neustar’s digital assets will now utilize the new ‘.neustar’ TLD to increase the effectiveness and stickiness of online and offline communications. Their homepage resolves to and each of Neustar’s solution areas can also be found on […]

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Now that’s a serious brand upgrade – Dapulse changes its name to

Dapulse is a startup that makes some pretty slick collaboration/communication tools for teams, they’ve raised over $34M and are trusted by companies like the Discovery Channel, Uber, and Adidas. But let’s pause for a second…what the heck does Dapulse mean? If you’re scratching your head trying to piece together some logic behind the name, you’re […]

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There’s a lively discussion happening on my blog about the eShares rebrand

A couple of days ago I wrote a post about equity management platform eShares rebranding to Carta after they failed to secure Most people would assume that any company that can raise north of $67M would surely already own their .COM. They didn’t, and the CEO came out and said that the reason they […]

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After raising over $67M eShares fails to secure the .COM and rebrands to Carta

In all honesty I’m pretty shocked about this one. If you haven’t heard of eShares let me drop a little knowledge before we continue since we’ve been a customer for years and I really like what they do. eShares (errr, Carta) allows startups to easily manage and grant equity all through a super slick, easy […]

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I’m someone that has always paid attention to things in the domain industry that I think go against the norm. Those little opportunities that oftentimes don’t pan out, but pay big when they do. Of course I haven’t made millions chasing these niche opportunities so I’m not telling you that you should, but I am […]

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