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November 22, 2017 01:32

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Now that’s a serious brand upgrade – Dapulse changes its name to

Dapulse is a startup that makes some pretty slick collaboration/communication tools for teams, they’ve raised over $34M and are trusted by companies like the Discovery Channel, Uber, and Adidas. But let’s pause for a second…what the heck does Dapulse mean? If you’re scratching your head trying to piece together some logic behind the name, you’re […]

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There’s a lively discussion happening on my blog about the eShares rebrand

A couple of days ago I wrote a post about equity management platform eShares rebranding to Carta after they failed to secure Most people would assume that any company that can raise north of $67M would surely already own their .COM. They didn’t, and the CEO came out and said that the reason they […]

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After raising over $67M eShares fails to secure the .COM and rebrands to Carta

In all honesty I’m pretty shocked about this one. If you haven’t heard of eShares let me drop a little knowledge before we continue since we’ve been a customer for years and I really like what they do. eShares (errr, Carta) allows startups to easily manage and grant equity all through a super slick, easy […]

Read more and among top 15 domains sold on NameJet last week

I’m someone that has always paid attention to things in the domain industry that I think go against the norm. Those little opportunities that oftentimes don’t pan out, but pay big when they do. Of course I haven’t made millions chasing these niche opportunities so I’m not telling you that you should, but I am […]

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Company Stock Soars After Adding "Blockchain" To Name; ‪Are You Paying $106,000 For Coffee?

The dotcom frenzy is far from over; An “Exercise Pill” So You Don’t Have To; Blockchain Just Became Obsolete. The Future is Hashgraph; – a new platform connecting international accredited investors with growth stage tech companies in Silicon Valley; Every future we think of follows one of four narratives; Apple ‘fired dad of blogger […]

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Domains for Startups – Oct 13th, 2017: Five names up for auction that I think startups will dig

Hello, happy Friday and welcome to my new weekly column – domains for startups. Each week I will be going through domain names that are up for auction on popular domain marketplace NameJet. These domains are up for auction so in many cases will end up in the hands of the highest bidder, enjoy! […]

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Yes, two-word .COMs can bring in price tags of over $1M in 2017

For anyone that thought only the best one-word .COMs sold for a million dollars, thinks again. Today one of the top domain sales of 2017 was announced, and it’s a two-word .COM brokered by veteran domain investors (and one of my favorite ppl on the domain industry) Larry Fisher. The domain is and it […]

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I just discovered BrandAftermarket, a new place for startups to buy domains for under $500

Brandable domain names have taken over as a very viably options for startups looking to built their brand online, but not looking to spend a fortune. For years has been a go-to resource for brandable domain names crossing the $1M profit mark in 2016. BrandBucket has a unique model, domain owners can list their […]

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BrandBucket crosses the $1M profit mark in 2016

Okay, I know I’m probably the 10th blog to cover BrandBucket’s 2016 sales report today, but I think there’s interesting data there and I also know that many of my readers are startup founders and entrepreneurs who don’t know that there’s a whole world of blogs about domain names out there. So first – visit […]

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Spotify launches new analytics product on

Earlier this month Spotify made a pretty interesting new product announcement on Product Hunt, a new product to both view and share analytics on your listening habits. Rather than launching this on something like or as an internal product directly off their main site, they decided to launch the new offering on I think […]

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