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December 10, 2019 20:19

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Now that they got funding time to change the name?

Peoople is a friend & influencer recommendation based app that enables its users to discover restaurants, books, movies and more. They just closed their first round of funding for 500,000 Euros. They are using The name is a bit clunky, even with the trend of spelling brandables with an extra letter like or […]

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Are Domainer Invites from Legit?

Here lately, my inbox has been inundated with emails referencing wanting to send me, rather my company, business if I would click a link and join As I would soon come to learn, is a small business networking website acting as a path to customer referrals, recommendations, and local business insights. I ignored […]

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List your best brandable name for sale

This post should be used to sell a name where you are making some money with no commission, and leave a little for the next buyer. So this post is for the best name you are willing to sell right now. 1 name listed only. There have been a few who have tried to […]

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The Art of Creating Brandables With $100K a Pop Namer David Placek

“When you think about it, nothing is used more often, or for a longer period of time, than either their company name or their brand name. It sticks, for better or for worse,” Cowan said. It’s also the one thing your competitor can’t take away from you in the end.” Via CBS: CBS Sunday Morning […]

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