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February 17, 2020 15:21

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Charging Your Worth; MegaBots CEO Gui Cavalcanti, and a giant fighting robot, are coming to Disrupt SF

Tom Ford’s $75 Million Ranch Is Exactly as Bonkers as You Think It Is; The IoT threat to privacy; What Happens When Your Company Turns Off Email; Gartner: Most of the companies similar to Box and Dropbox will be gone in 2 years; Your Outbound Campaigns Are Broken; 9 Reasons To Love LinkedIn; Minimize Design […]

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Is Box Inc. a Buy at Its IPO Price? Ad Fraud Worse Than You Thought

Google’s most expensive search keywords are for ambulance-chasing lawyers; Bill Clinton Is the First U.S. President In Virtual Reality; RED’s new sub-$6k Raven camera can be had drone-ready; Shareholders seek class-action against zulily over QVC acquisition; Why the Connected Car Will Surpass All Other IoT Initiatives; How Great Stories Will Beat Ad Blocking; Hillary Clinton […]

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What’s in a Name? A Lot! Tim Cook’s Total Pay For 2014 Was Over $100 Million

Sleep In A Tesla For $85 On Airbnb; 5 Great Landing Page Design Examples You Need to See; As Box IPO Surges, Startup Community Reacts; Winklevoss twins launch Gemini, the ‘regulated’ Bitcoin exchange; Marissa Mayer Was Right: What Bosses Really Think About Work-From-Home Arrangements; Incorporating Testing and Feedback into the Design Process; Microsoft buys company […]

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Facebook — the Big Tobacco of Social Media; Quitting is Succeeding

PLUS: Box Raises $150 Million In Cash And Reports 2014 Sales Growth ; There Will Be 4 Android Devices For Every Windows Device In 2015; Traditional marketers need to rethink their skillset to succeed; Why Your Happiest Day At Work Was 5 Years Ago; FDA Approves First Motorized Exoskeleton For Personal Use; Want to Grow Your […]

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Jobs That Attract Psychopaths; A Trillion "Cloud-Based" Dollars Up For Grabs

PLUS:  10 Innovative Cloud-Based Start-ups; How Threadless sewed up a top spot in Apple’s App Store; The Most Intriguing Thing About Box’s IPO; Candy Crush game maker’s IPO to face investor scrutiny; The Shocking Truth About 3D Systems Corporation’s Valuation… and every day, people can plainly see the epic changes roiling the world of consumer […]

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IPO Like It’s 1999: No Profit, No Problem: Mark Cuban Screws Aaron Levie They Way Zuckerberg Screwed Eduardo Saverin

“If you can convince a brand name V.C. to back you, they won’t let you die.  They will throw good money after bad.  However, when V.C.s dwell on a metric called Total Addressable Market (TAM), their objection to your deal is almost always about something else.” Go Cloud!’ Box Files For $250 Million IPO, Warns […]

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