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October 17, 2019 15:02

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EnCirca offers trademark holders a shortcut to Amazon’s .Bot

Service creates a bot for companies, making them eligible to register .bot domain names. Amazon’s .bot top level domain name has been open for registrations since December, but registering them hasn’t been easy. Amazon has restricted registrations to companies and people that have an existing bot built on one of a handful of bot platforms. […]

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EnCirca partners with PandoraBots to push .bot names to brands

Specialist registrar EnCirca has partnered with bot development framework vendor PandoraBots to market .bot domains at big brands. The two companies are pushing their wares jointly at this week’s International Trademark Association annual meeting in Seattle. In a press release, the companies said that PandoraBots is offering bot-creation “starter kits” for brand owners that tie […]

Read more launches .Bot domain names on Tuesday

Bot it won’t be easy to register them. is making .bot domain names available to the public on Tuesday starting at 6 a.m. The company has been testing different business models for its new top level domain names and this domain is no exception. Registration of the domain names will be severely restricted. The […]

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Why 2017 Is The Year Of The Bot; 3D-Printed Villa In Less Than 3 Hours

“Stay away from just making what the market is asking for”; How to know when it’s time to leave your job – and where to go next; To Discount Or Not To Discount? That Is The Question; The Social Media Mistake That Could Have Doomed A Startup; China tightens grip on app stores; CES Signals […]

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Inside Facebook’s Gigantic Arctic Server Farm; The Biggest Problem With Internet Advertising

89 Year-old runway model shows what confidence means; Has Big Brother taken over YOUR printer; How to Steal an AI; Tech Wildcatters Investors Pony Up Nearly $1M for Pitch Day; Why You Should Be Really Optimistic About the World Right Now; Lack of a Key Entrepreneurial Skill Could Be Killing Our Economy; Amazon offers $1 […]

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Foot-dragging Amazon has bumper crop of new gTLDs

Amazon Registry Services took possession of 17 new gTLDs at the weekend. The would-be portfolio registry had .author, .book, .bot, .buy, .call, .circle, .fast, .got, .jot, .joy, .like, .pin, .read, .room, .safe, .smile and .zero delegated to the DNS root zone. Amazon seems to have waited until the last possible moment to have the strings […]

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