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November 17, 2019 09:47

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3 Cryptocurrencies To Earn You Money While You Sleep 

Today: Inside Sales Rep, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Steve Jobs, APP Store, Bosses, Millennials, Sales Calls, Porn, Brand, rebrand Inside Sales Rep Role is 3rd fastest growth job in the USA What do I look for in a pitch? Why Good People Become Evil Bosses Examining the three archetypes of Machiavellianism in the workplace 3 Cryptocurrencies To […]

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Elon Musk: 2026 Manned Mars Mission—Wants Self-Sustaining City From He To Be Laid To Rest In Peace

PLUS: What Google has that you don’t! Does Your Pitch Take Too Long To Get To The Point? Startup CampusTVs Figured Out How To Rent TVs At 300 Colleges; 10 ways to improve your writing productivity; Highly marketable and easy to remember; YO ANDREESSEN: People Dismissing Yo Are Missing A Social Phenomenon .. and.. […]

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==> 8 Ways To Keep The Boss Happy

“The secret fear of every boss is that employees are screwing up but are not saying anything about it.  So even if you’re afraid some bad news might upset your boss, make sure he’s informed. ” Good Morning Folks, Geoffrey James’ “Sales Source” *(@Sales_Source) (formerly “Sales Machine” on CBS) is the world’s most-visited sales-oriented blog. Geoff’s recent column, “8 […]

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