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June 17, 2019 08:35

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America First but….Panera Bread Sells For $7.5 Billion To German’s Buying Up US Brands

Namescon? Benefits of Attending Business Marketing Event— Hey Execs! Your Sales Force is “Mad as Hell!”; Changes to H-1B visa policy could have a chilling effect on the tech industry; Wall Street’s Bet Against Empty Malls Is Getting Too Crowded, Citi Says; The Great Marketing Debate: Agency or Employee? Boeing Teams With JetBlue to Fund […]

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Boeing’s fight against “Newborn” domain names

Can flagging new domain names help stop the spread of malware? We all get emails with links that go to phishing and malware sites. There’s one thing in common with most of the domains hosting this bad stuff: they were registered a short time ago. In fact, many malware networks are programmed to frequently register […]

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Alcatel Lucent Tripled In 2013. What’s Next? and Google Glass For Motorcycle Helmets

PLUS: Google buying weapon makers and drones- is it the new DARPA or Boeing? Got Google Glass? Don’t Expect a Repair from Google If You Break It; 11 Reasons Entrepreneurs Succeed; Google Launches Improved URL Removal Tool For Third-Party Content; Why Companies Are Terrible At Spotting Creative Ideas (like Domains); Sterling to go plastic, Bank of […]

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