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August 24, 2019 22:26

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If you’re trying to be a daily blogger, note – it does make an impact on your life

So I realized recently that I don’t talk about blogging very much on my blog. Which makes sense since my blog is focused on domains, but as a blogger I feel like every once and a while I should talk about what I do every day. When I started this blog I had absolutely no […]

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Here’s the final design for my 11-year blogging anniversary shirt

I would like to thank everyone for all the great feedback and help designing my 11-year blogging anniversary shirt. This really was a team effort and I look forward to sending out shirts to everyone who helped in the effort. When I started blogging I honestly never thought I’d still be blogging 11-years later. My […]

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So, I seem to have found a bug in my WordPress install

Something funky is happening with my blog comment moderation settings in WordPress and it causes people who have commented for years to get held for moderation. I’m not quite sure when this changed but it happened with a WordPress update sometime over the last year. Here are my current comment settings: Unless I’m missing something […]

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Help me finalize the design for my 11 year blogging anniversary shirt

I was excited to see a ton of feedback for my 11 year blogging anniversary shirt – it certainly sounds like people are interested and I really appreciate all the great suggestions. So the winner for the front of the shirt is, drumroll please, #Domainer. So now we need to pick a color. Here are […]

Read more now has its own Discord server – join now for a more interactive experience

As an eSports and gaming fan, Discord has become a part of my daily life. If you don’t know what Discord is, think of it as Slack for gamers – an easy way to chat with other gamers, track what they’re playing and have a more dynamic experience than you’ll find on a forum. When […]

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Is Domain blogging dying? Maybe, but these fine folks are still doing what they can to keep things alive

Rick Schwartz jumped back on the blogging scene this morning to write a post about how Domain Blogging is dead. I have to say, usually when Rick says something he’s done the research, has the data, and it’s usually right, or turns out to be later on. Love him or hate him (I’m in the […]

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1000 different people, the same words

Today: Blogging, Branded Content, Technology, Gmail, Job descriptions, Silicon Valley Branded Content: The What, Why, When, and How How Technology Got Under Our Skin Two arms, two legs, a head, a heart, and a smartphone = Human? How Technology is Hijacking Your Mind — from a Magician and Google Design Ethicist The Power Of Doing Only One Thing. The

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Sunday reading – five articles you might have missed last week

So I don’t know about you but Sunday is usually a pretty low key day for me. I don’t typically don’t make any big plans on Sunday and really use it as a day to catch up on things I might not have had the chance to do during our typical ultra-busy work week. One […]

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Should I create a separate blog focused on Domaining?

As those of you have been reading my blog for a long time know, my life has changed a lot since I started blogging back in 2007. Five years ago I co-founded a startup, Bold Metrics, and that meant spending a lot less time on Domaining. I think before starting our company Domaining was a […]

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The domain industry divides again over Bitcoin – and it’s getting ugly

Well ever since Rick Schwartz brought up the link between domain names and Bitcoin a small battle has been waging on, and it’s still going. This has led to another discussion that has to do with what people should write about on “domain blogs” and if Bitcoin is fair game or not. I don’t write […]

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