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August 24, 2019 18:44

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So, I seem to have found a bug in my WordPress install

Something funky is happening with my blog comment moderation settings in WordPress and it causes people who have commented for years to get held for moderation. I’m not quite sure when this changed but it happened with a WordPress update sometime over the last year. Here are my current comment settings: Unless I’m missing something […]

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Beware of fake comments on domain blogs

Don’t believe every comment you read on domain blogs. While many do come from real people who are commenting as themselves, lately there has been an increase in “fake” comments where a scammer impersonates someone else. The latest victim is long-time domain industry veteran and NamePros admin Eric Lyon, here’s what he shared recently about the […]

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3 posts I wrote years ago that still get comments today

October of this year will mark the nine-year anniversary of When I started blogging back in October of 2007 I never thought in a million years that my blog would still be going strong almost ten years later. However here I am, sitting in front of my computer, living in Austin (where I never […]

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808 comments later – my “most-commented” post of all time

I wrote a post about a domain name appraisal scam that was stealing money from domain owners back in March of 2012. I just ran the numbers, it is now the post with the most comments in the history of this blog which dates back to October of 2007. This is a scam that has […]

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“My mom’s on Facebook, I try not to use it. It’s for old people.”; Quarter sells for $1.5 million

PLUS; Apple makes BIG 3D Buy (name needed?); Living on Two Paychecks or on Too Many Expectations?; Bitcoin Price Hits $500, a 50x Increase in Just 12 Months and Why Why China wants to dominate it; Holiday Subject Lines That Get Results Holiday Subject Lines That Get Results; How to Evaluate an Expired Domain Names […]

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